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Can a skinny girl wear skinny Jeans?

ok i'm like 5'6 or 5'7 pretty tall for a girl i know :(

well i was wondering if i can wear skinny jeans and would it look ok? oh i'm very skinny too i weight like 120 help please i'm thinking of going shopping this weekend and i dont know if its ok for me to buy some ... antother thing im always wearing converse shoes

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    yes a skinny girl can wear skinny jeans

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    I love skinny jeans, and my friends think I'm too skinny.(about 85-90lbs) and I'm 12. I wear converse 24/7 and putting them together looks awesome! So to your question, yes a tall skinny girl can definitely wear skinny jeans. Hope I helped :-)

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    i'm a girl, 5'9 and 122 lbs, so i'm in the same boat as you lol. yes skinny jeans are perfectly fine, i wear them all the time!!! skinny jeans actually look best on us tall skinny long legged girls ;). you just have to make sure they are long enough. i'd suggest hollister, theirs both fit the best and are a good length. i've found other stores usually aren't long enough or the waist is too big. the converse shouldn't be an issue, but sometimes they make people's feet look big. i'd suggest mocassins, the new "style". i've found they are both comfy and look good with skinny jeans. happy shopping!

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    well you can wear whatever you want

    from your description Im guessing that you have really long and lean legs.

    in this case, you MUST try on the jeans and get the right fit.

    I've seen skinny-legged people in skinny jeans, and they look like boot leg because they don't cling at the leg like they're supposed to

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    hmmm well i have a really thin friend, and she wears skinny jeans and it looks kinda funny. but only when they are too tight. Try to get skinny jeans that are skinny but not skin-tight. Avoid legging jeans.

    Other than that, definitely!! Converse shoes = <3 I love them with skinnies!!

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    I've seen the converse+skinny jeans combo in the past, it looks good. The only way to really tell if you like'em or not is to try them out and judge while looking in the mirror. But I don't think there's a problem with it. Go for it.

  • Of course! Skinny jeans usually flatter anyone... especially thin people. So go for it! But be careful if you plan on wearing heals with them, skinny jeans make your legs look longer so tall girls should go for flats, boots, or heals that are less than 3 inches. ( :

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    Of course. Pretty much anyone can wear skinny jeans. Just get the right fit and a good brand, and you'll be good :). Good luck and have fun!

  • Well, of course. They make skinny jeans for all sizes. They were originally made for overweight people, but they originally started with emo people. Of course, everyone can wear skinny jeans. :)

    Good luck finding some, girlie! Peace out!

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    Dark skinny jeans and get a pair of nice flats to dress your jeans up.

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