Is basically the regular abercrombie?

Theres and Abercrombie and Fitch and theres an Abercrombie. Im ordering stuff from the website. But it only lets me shop at abercrombie and fitch. Is abercrombie kids like the regular abercrombie?

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    Abercrombie & abercrombie (you lowercase the kids one) have similar styles. abercrombie runs for child's sizes, and I doubt anyone over 12 can fit their clothes. The prices aren't as expensive as Abercrombie there either. Also, whatever styles Abercrombie has, it takes a couple of weeks for that new style to pop up at abercrombie. xo Cass

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    no, abercrombie kids runs a lot smaller than the regular abercrombie and fitch. its basically the same thing but it runs smaller and the clothes aren't the same, but they are similar

  • 1 decade ago is the KIDS aberocrombie abercrombie and Fitch is for teens an adults

  • 1 decade ago

    ya only cheaper and smaller sizes but still overpriced

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