How is "charlatanry" defined by the Saudi legal system?


Saudi Arabia: Witchcraft and Sorcery Cases on the Rise



In another case, a Jeddah criminal court on October 8, 2006 convicted Eritrean national Muhammad Burhan for "charlatanry," based on a leather-bound personal phone booklet belonging to Burhan with writings in the Tigrinya alphabet used in Eritrea. Prosecutors classified the booklet as a "talisman" and the court accepted that as evidence, sentencing him to 20 months in prison and 300 lashes. No further evidence for the charge was introduced at trial. Burhan has since been deported, after serving more than double the time in prison to which the court had sentenced him.

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    "Charlatanry" is a mistranslation. What is being prosecuted is "sorcery," and you don't need fancy lawyers to define sorcery.

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