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mend 和 amend 兩者怎樣分別?

mend 和 amend 兩者怎樣分別?




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    mend /mend/ v

    1.【REPAIR】 [T]

    a) to repair a tear or hole in a piece of clothing

     My father used to mend our shoes.

    b) BrE to repair something that is broken or not working

    = fix

     When are you going to mend that light in the hall?

     Tim can mend any broken toy.

    2.【BECOME HEALTHY】 [I] informal

    if a broken bone mends, it becomes whole again

     His leg isn't mending as quickly as he'd expected.

    3. mend your ways

    to improve the way you behave after behaving badly for a long time

     If he doesn't mend his ways, he'll be asked to leave.

    4. mend (your) fences

    to try to become friendly with someone again after you have offended them or argued with them

     Is it too late to mend fences with your ex-wife?

    5.【END A QUARREL】 [T]

    to end a quarrel or difficult situation by dealing with the problem that is causing it

     I've tried to mend matters between us, but she's still very angry.

    amend /əˈmend/ v [T] formal

    to correct or make small changes to something that is written or spoken

     The law was amended to include women.

     The defendant later amended his evidence.

     'Steve stole it - or rather borrowed it,' he amended.

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