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做功課 快快快! 唔該

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    you can say:

    Being able to clearly express his/her ideas flawless oral techniqe Language easily understood familiar with speakingoratorical (adj.)

    # used to describe someone who has a skill of making powerful speeches and effective public speaking

    # given to oratory


    # able to express your ideas and opinions well, especially in a way that influences people


    # knowing a lot about something


    given to = addicted or disposed 熱衷、沈溺於...的

    E.g He is given to drinking.

    fluent (adj)

    # able to speak a language very well


    struggling to express thoughts and opinions be stringent to the point that begin to struggle voicing his/her opinion blurt out thoughts in a fumbling, jumbling mess novice at speaking

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    gift of the gab 係口才的意思:the ability to speak easily and to persuade other people with your words


    He has a real gift of the gab and is great at parties.

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    口才好並不一定是雄辯(eloquence)了得,或good at speech說得咁直。

    She is very articulate for her age.

    她小小年紀已經口齒伶俐。(英文有些用語是implied的,全句都沒有用speech/word/talk等字,另for his/her age已意會她年齡跟她口才不相稱,讀的人是意會通常慣指一個年紀小的人說話的質素比真實年齡大。)

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    fluent english :)

    that is absolutely accurate, cause my teacher told me before , hope that i can help you

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    good at speech

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    It is Eloquence is terrible .

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