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73. Giant Taiwan stated it would not shift production from one country to another if the finding were allowed to lapse for one country and not the other. Finally, Giant Taiwan stated that it wouldn't modify its selling prices of bicycles and frames to Canada nor modify its selling prices to below normal values if the current order were allowed to expire for Chinese Taipei.

74. Ideal Taiwan is an OEM bicycle manufacturer established in 1980. Ideal Taiwan provided confidential production and capacity utilization during the POR. With respect to the likelihood of resumed dumping, Ideal Taiwan stated that it sells bicycles according to customer orders and that prices are set according to material, overhead and a reasonable margin. Ideal Taiwan stated that there should be no possibility of resumed dumping.

75. Ideal Taiwan stated that the Chinese Taipei bicycle industry has to move to the production of middle and high-end bicycles, as Chinese Taipei producers are not competitive with low priced bicycles produced in Vietnam, China and Thailand. Ideal Taiwan also stated that for the past five years, the prices between Chinese Taipei bicycle exports to Canada and to the USA were not substantially different. Ideal Taiwan expects this trend to continue with or without the finding in place.

76. With regards to domestic sales of bicycles in Chinese Taipei, Ideal Taiwan expects that the demand for high value bicycles will increase because people in Chinese Taipei are starting to have more leisure time and the Government is promoting bicycle use in many public activities.

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    74.臺灣理想公司是在一九八○年成立的自行車OEM製造商。臺灣理想公司在再審期間提供機密的生產和產能利用。 關於可能繼續傾銷,臺灣理想公司說它以客戶的訂單出售自行車而且價格是依材料、開銷和合理的差價訂定。臺灣理想公司表示這不應該有繼續傾銷可能。




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