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    In industrial computer application, heat and dust are always troubles. It is why many vendors manage to resolve this issue with fan-less case. But this design

    often failed neither to be compact in volume-wise consideration, nor to be a

    bargain because of its complexity.

    In addition, these following requirements should be considered as well while

    developing fan-less hing-end industrial computer:

    1. To provide equivelent function with less power consumption and minimum

    material parts.

    2. To be robust and endurable so system could have a longer working time

    under extreme enviroments.

    Therefore, it is a very difficult chanlenge for industrial computer development to meet fan-less design with the above requirements.

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    In industrial computer applications, the heat and dust will always be troubled by industrial-grade applications, a major obstacle, so many manufacturers make the best effort to design a variety of "Fan-Less non-fan" type chassis, to meet customer requirements. But such systems are usually in the volume area, or can not meet the customer "small but beautiful" needs; Also in prices, but also because of the complex design of chassis can not achieve "affordable" objective.

    Moreover, the high-end industrial computer systems, in addition to meeting the requirements of non-fan, the following functions are also key points to consider:

    1. Can be a minimum of materials and parts, providing the functional requirements such as reducing system power load.

    2. Must be stable and long-term use, so that the system can be in harsh environments have a longer "survival" time.

    Therefore, to meet non-fans, and the above-mentioned, etc., can be said that research and development of industrial computer products rather harsh challenges

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