I have a question submarines vs destroyers naval combat who will win?

For people in the military, I usually see movies of submarines vs destroyers, Why do people in submarines fear destroyers I mean, don't submarines have the edge on destroyers?

Submarines= can hit from far away without being detected sleek and undetectable can carry onboard nukes to bomb shores and can take out cities


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    As a Submariner I can tell you we fear no vessel, but love to hunt them!

    Submarines have a massive advantage in that they can see or hear the Destroyer well before the Destroyer would ever be able to find it. This allows the submarine the ability to fight on its terms.

    Back in WWI & WWII Submarine engagement range was a max a 2-3 thousand yards, but typically 1-2 thousand (less than 1 mile). When the sub is at PD at these ranges, the scope could be seen, and Subs submerged where very slow (3-6 kts). If a destroyer spotted the scope they could quickly get to that area (>30kts) and commence depth charging the Sub. It would take a Destroyer at 30 knots only 2 minutes to be on top of a submarine at 2,000 yards. A submarine at 6 kts would only beable to move 400 yards at most by this time. But if it is 1000 yards and 3 knots the Destroyer would be on them in 1 minute and only travel 100 yards. This helped the destroyer get ordanance on top of the sub quickly due to short range encounters.

    Today a modern Submarine can attack from much much longer ranges, and are very fast when submerged. Using the idea from above is not the game of today, and that is why WE fear no vessel, not even a tin can destroyer. The Submarine can attack from several miles with much better sensors, and weapons, and can quickly clear the area before the destoyer (or any other target) has a chance to pounce.

    You can't kill what you can't see

    Source(s): Submarine Sonar Chief
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  • 1 decade ago

    WII U-boats were very small and mostly stayed on top of the water until it was time to attack. They would then submerge a few feet below the water since the periscope were about 60'. Even then, the periscope could give a tell tale wake behind it which could be spotted with things like binoculars. When submerge, the battery lasted about 48 hours at a speed of 2 knots. That's without currents. So once they went down they weren't going anywhere. They could only dive to about 300 feet. They also didn't have much in terms of back up ammo in the form of torpedoes. The cannons on a destroyer could out distance a sub's torpedo.

    In today's world there is a lot of technological differences depending on the model training and county. A U.S. sub has the advantage of satellites to track shipping around the world and missiles, such as the tomahawk which can hit a ship 1,000 miles away. Nuclear subs can stay underwater until the crew runs out of food.

    U.S. destroyers can use satellites to track subs below the surface of the water (using the latest radar) and intercept a sub's torpedoes and missiles with its own weapons. A destroyer carries more weapons than a submarine.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The movies you are watching are probably WW2, when destroyers were tasked with hunting and killing submarines. WW2 subs relied on battery power when submerged, and were much slower than destroyers. Destroyers had sonar equipment to detect subs, and depth charges that could damage a submerged sub even without a direct hit. Modern subs are faster and can be nuclear powered and equipped with nuclear weapons, but many destroyers are equipped with helicopters and sophisticated homing torpedoes for use against submarines. The nuclear ICBMs carried by subs could not really be used against surface ships, and the use of any type of nuclear torpedo would probably be used only as a last resort during an actual war.

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  • 1 decade ago

    ..it like the game HIDE and SEEK.. SUBS are advantagous coz hey are below the ships, SHIPS on the other hand

    detect them with sonar so SUBS should be very quiet in order not to be detected by the ship's sonar..

    during WW2, the U-BOAT sank almost 4million tons of ships in the atlantic, but it was powered by diesel engines and backuped by batteries which needs to resurfaced after a period of time under water. todays SUBS. are nuclear powered which can stay underwater for months without resurfacing..

    DESTROYER and BATTLESHIPS are made obsolete by the aircraft carriers during the battles on the pacific which destroyers and battles ships lay powerless with the bombs dropped by planes above them..(we can say the same to the aircraft carriers if they lost its cover its easy of 4 the SUBS to

    sink it)

    ill go with the SUBMARINE.. :)

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I came looking for answer for this question after watching The Last Ship season 2. Does this mean that there is no hope for USS Nathan James vs the Immunes Sub?

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  • 1 decade ago

    they were feared allot more in ww2. they were made specifically to destroy submarines. they were also faster and more agile. nowadays the aircraft carrier has made the destroyer virtually obsolete. so in ww2 the destroyer would win unless it had help. now. the destroyer doesn't stand a chance.

    Source(s): history buff
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  • 1 decade ago

    I served 20 years on subs. I have never served on a sub that any surface ship could find.

    Subs carry more firepower than surface ships do.

    Subs target hundreds of ships at a time.

    There is no contest.

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  • 3 years ago

    in WW3 depth charges where used again subs how does a destroyer fights a sub in modern days?

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  • 5 years ago

    Well it s happening right now on "the last ship". Air date 7/12/15 episode name "Achiles".

    • John5 years agoReport

      Going to watch it on demand lol

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