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What's the differnce of a bare harddrive and normal hardrive?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    bare drives are not retail boxed and sometimes don't have the same warranty that retail drives do, but i have used hundreds of bare drives and had no issues.

    Source(s): 20 years as a computer electronics technician in the US Air Force and aerospace industry
  • 1 decade ago

    If both are "internal hard drives" then a "bare drive" means that it comes without fancy packaging. A bare drive usually just comes wrapped up in bubble wrap (as my Seagate 1.5TB from Newegg was) or a basic plastic sleeve. Alternatively, a "retail" version will come in a printed box with the manufacturer's logos on it (what you would buy if you went to a local store to buy it). These usually also come with extras like cables, mounting brackets and/or screws, instruction manuals, setup/formatting CD's, and usually have a nice foam padded box insert to keep the drive safe. The bare drives you risk damage from being packed only in bubble wrap, but since they're cheaper and are sometimes the only option it really isn't bad to buy them. My Seagate 1.5TB came in bubble wrap and I put it in a USB enclosure and it works great. Ordered another 1.5TB recently (a Samsung, also bare drive) and I think Samsung has plastic "trays" in addition to bubble wrap packaging (or so some of the reviews said).

  • pdl756
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    1 decade ago

    Both answers above are correct. A 'bare hard drive' is what's usually referred to as oem, which is usually shipped in bubble wrap and has no paperwork or installation cd and is intended for the system builder. A 'normal hard drive' is the retail version of the same unit but comes nicely packaged, has paperwork and the installation cd and is intended for the consumer.

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