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I currently own a Vox vt100 and I have been using a Kramer Imperial s404s with it. that guitar taps pretty good. but my style is classic rock and some metal but it seems that the kramer is strictly for hardcore metal. I decided to get an Agile al 3100 csbf les paul copy and it sounds great other than that the tapping sounds weak compared to the kramer. The agile currently has ghs strings that came with it. I have looked up demos of this guitar on youtube and the tapping sounds fine. Any suggestions on what i am doing wrong?


oh and I have always used 9 guage ernie ball strings on the kramer

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    Above and beyond that, look at your position when tapping. Tap where you can really slam on the strings, usually over the pickups somewhat. Use hand and finger strengthening exercises as well. Also, I use D'Addario strings.

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    any guitar is suitable for any genre, remember that. all that matters is whats being played, and that it sounds good. my guess is that the les paul probably has low output pickups, while your kramer has high output pickups. if i am right, all you're gonna have to do is add a little more force when you tap in your les paul

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    it could be your EQ settings on your amp; the mechanics in your fingers; the gauged strings you're using, which may explain why you aren't able to properly execute tapping. It could also be how the action on the guitar neck is set. If it is too tight, it will be harder to play your guitar, while a loosened action neck will be easier.

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    For good tapping try Humbuckers pick ups, low action and loads of distortion.

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    Not much technique to it. Hit em hard at first till you get calluses that will make it easier.

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