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Which is a goal of the AEC?

Creating trade barriers

Establishing a central bank

Promoting ethnic purity

Creating a common currency

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    AEC's Goals and Objectives:

    Goal: Deliver value-added products and services to the leadership and customer, by providing teaming relationships and timelines that are useable by the decision-makers.


    •Improve products and services

    •Improve teaming and relationship

    Goal: Identify and optimize processes and capabilities essential to providing quality.


    •Improve T&E management process

    •Improve ATEC System Team (AST) process

    •Improve T&E documentation process

    •Improve and maintain installations, ranges, and test facilities

    Goal: Provide, develop, sustain and integrate people, technological capabilities and procedures.


    •Recruit, develop, and retain a professional workforce

    •Identify, procure, and integrate technologies

    Goal: Resource AEC requirements.


    •Secure necessary resources to meet mission requirements

    •Allocate command resources through a prioritization process

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