Is my pokemon team ok?

Generation 4. OU team please rate and or give advice or help. I am willing you change around some movesets but I really need help on the item choices.

Lead/Special Sweeper

Togekiss (M) @ lum berry

Secrene Grace


EV: Sp. Attack 252 Speed 252 HP 6

-air slash


-aura sphere

-shadow ball

The only reason this guy is a lead is becuase I can not think of a better one and I want to get rid of my 1 rock type weakness right off the back. Air slash aura sphere and roost are self explainitory but shadow ball I have becuase I lack any other good shadow ball users on my team and it adds move move vareity.

Trick Room Setup/Trick Sweeper

Bronzong @ Leftovers



EV: HP 252 Attack 252 Defense 6

-Iron Head

-Zen Headbutt

-Trick Room


Main idea for this guy set up trick room become really fast kill the pokemons like a real sweeper or die and switch and out snorlax.

Sleep Talker

Snorlax (F) @ Leftovers



EV: HP 252 Attack 252 Defense 6


-sleep talk

-body slam


Fight rest sleep talk wake up fight basic idea. Body slam high paralize chance and stab and crunch to not be totally walled like earthquaking snorlax by gengar. Again switch this guy out if bronzong fails for unnatural speed.


Machamp (M) @ Leftovers

No Guard


EV: HP 252 Attack 252 HP 6


-Stone Edge


-Dynamic Punch

No gaurd tank basic strategey payback to kill off phychic types (he has enough HP to take one hit and turn it back at them) toxic was just becuase of a lack of moves an 100% accuracy but it turns out to work out reall well when facing other walls.

Rapid Spinner

Starmie @ Wacan Berry

Natural Cure


EV: HP 252 Speed 252 Sp. Attack 6

-rapid spin




Basic ripid spin idea except that I also speeded it up to either take a hit then spin or go first and spin. I chose psychic over ice beam becuase of the stab.

Special Sweeper

Heatran @ Life Orb

Flash Fire


EV: Sp. Attack 252 Speed 252 HP 252

-flash cannon

-dragon pulse

-earth power

-heat wave

Thats right a non defensive heatran. How can this be? Well I will tell you heatran has ok speed but not horrible enough for to do that. His speed ifine for most pokemon of course he will not outrun a electrive anytime soon but he is just good enough for most steel and bug types in OU.


the only common types are steel with heatran and bronzong and normal with togekiss and snorlax and the weaknesses do not show it

Update 2:

Again seriously if there is no common weaknesses I really se no point in worry about common types.

I already beat the pokemon league.

I guess ask pikachu but I was trying to creat a trick room sweeper of snorlax and bronzong.

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    It's movesets and Natures are good although it would be a good idea to teach it Nasty Plot or Thunder wave.


    I don't see why you need a trick room user cause you already have quite a few pokemon that invests a lot on speed. Max Attack isn't necessary because this loses it's defensive potential.


    It's moveset it quite good although you are walled by Steel Types.


    As for a tank, it's good to use Rest/ Sleep Talk and give it Dynamic Punch and Payback for coverage.


    Generally, i find rapid spin an inferior move.


    It's pretty good although you should replace Heat Wave with Fire Blast.

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    1 decade ago

    That is an okay team but it is not well rounded, while togekiss is good and my friend's keeps killing me, it is not a lead pokemon because it is normal type and has no types it is super effective against. Bronzong is good, but snorlax is also normal type and two normal types is bad. Machamp, Starmie and Hetran are good. My advice is to get a good electric/ghost type in exchage for one of the normal types.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think that your team is pretty good but not perfect. A good team would include a variety of many different kinds of Pokemon such as

    Pikachu- Electric

    Piplup- Water

    Charmandar- Fire

    Turtwig- Grass


    Skarmey- Steel

    Also I would add items that will boost there power type. Now you don't need to follow the same exactly list of Pokemon that I listed, in fact all you need is a variety of different kinds of power types, and that will work fine. Other than what i said, you have a pretty good team of Pokemon. Hope that this helps.

  • 1 decade ago

    get rid of heatran, snorlax(unless you know how to use him well) and bronzong.. i think you should have something like my team.. sceptile, metagros, dragonite..sorry i didnt play it sice may

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  • 1 decade ago

    Its a good team, you could probably use more legendaries but this team is able to beat the pokemon league

  • 1 decade ago

    It's okay, in my opinion. Although you do need a lot of different types you have some of related ones.

  • 1 decade ago

    ok heres a good team(mine) its pearl

    palkia lvl 84

    giritina lvl 70

    darkrai lvl 54

    heatran lvl 72

    infernape lvl 64

    (and im getting arceus in a few days with action replay)ARCEUS(god pokemon)lvl like 80 when you catch

  • 1 decade ago

    no it is not ok cause pokemon suks balls

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