R & S-ers! If you were to issue a report card on God's performance, what grades would you give?

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Here are the subjects:

1. Omnipotence (iron chariots, anyone?)
2. Sense of Justice
3. Benevolence
4. Sense of Humour
5. Existence
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1- ? i cant evaluate this one
2- C religion has brought much justice but causes much injustice
3- D our world sucks
4- A if he exists, he must have a pretty sick one
5- F shows no evidence

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5 out of 5
haha, i agree.
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  • Intrinsic Random Event answered 4 years ago
    I would have to give God an F, for complete non-attendance.
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  • Punky (Punk Atheist) answered 4 years ago
    I'd strongly recommend to the board of education that they send him to a.. "Special".... school.
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  • blue answered 4 years ago
    I guess:

    1. unknown
    2. fail
    3. fail
    4. fail
    5. 5
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  • Danger answered 4 years ago
    B- ( I would be much more benevolent against you assholes myself)
    C- (in this hypothetical scenario I assume he has "some" kind of weak existence?)
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  • Sage answered 4 years ago
    Time to understand it is not about belief, God or Jesus but about the intolerance, hatred and persecution from those terribly BAD christian attitudes and conduct!!

    As soon as Christians rediscover the loving god and start acting like it the problem will cease!!!!

    Of course until then christianity will increasingly get called the "Nasty Religion"!!
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    Well I'm guessing that higher beings are his teachers?
    Well he would totally give Dumbledor love to get higher grades cause frankly Dumbledor was meant to be gay according to J.K (who is higher up then dumbledor).
    Then i guess he would like drop out in his last year to finaly end the conflict between him and satan.
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