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    The teacher who makes my impression the deepest is that my class lead, teacher Liu.The first time when I saw him is changed shifts of duty to lead when I am grade two, so he to be our class of class to lead, he is very moderate to person, I also learn to a lot of things on him.

    Grade three, we go to a class and go to outdoor teaching, because is ride a bicycle, so I don't really want to go, because I will not ride a bicycle.But class lead to insist that I go to, I feel very vexed at that time, until the class visited to come back me to just find that I will ride a bicycle.

    I feel that teacher Liu is a very special teacher, because he doesn't only hope your homework good, also hope you learn you on time in lesson remaining can't of matter, I rejoice very much I meet him, it lets me know.

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    Let my impression most profound teacher is my Ban Dao, Mr./Mrs. Liu. When I first time see him, when is my second grade, because changes shifts leads, therefore he comes, when our class's Ban Dao, he is very temperate to the human, I also go to school in his body to many things. When third grade, we go to the class to go to the outdoors teaching, because is rides the bicycle, therefore I not too want to go, because I will not ride the bicycle. But Ban Dao insisted that wants me to go, at that time I thought am very bothersome, came back me until Ban You only then to discover that I will ride the bicycle. I thought that Mr./Mrs. Liu is a very special teacher, not only because he hoped that your schoolwork is good, also hoped that you in the after school time study you matter, I rejoice very much I meet him, it let me know

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