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請問~有誰知道 accepts authority ?

有誰知道 accepts authority 和 accepts what's given 這兩的詞的意思?可以給我中文解釋和英文解釋嘛?我還要例句(中英都要),這兩個詞都要唷!他是有關 personality trait 的形容詞


accepts authority 和accepts what's given

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    1. accepts authority接受權威

    Violence is one of the best ways to make people accept authority.

    2.accepts what's given 接受外界施加的種種

    A timid person always accepts what's given to him.

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    Authority in business can imply a person, group, or organization that has the power to issue orders or make decisions.For instance, he accepts authority in supervision, he will do what's given.These are all related to personality traits.

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    第一:承擔責任 ~

    第二:看不懂亂碼 = = "

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    應該是懂得付出吧 ~

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