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他生於1958年8月29日,而在今年的九月辭世了。他的一生幾乎都被表演事業給佔據了,他從四歲開始便是著名R&B組合Jackson 5成員,也就是與他的兄弟們組成的樂團,之後更成為樂隊的主將。在舞台上,他彷如一顆巨星,那猶如James Brown般的舞步,絕對令人感到他在舞台上的自信。


今年6月25日流行音樂之神麥可逝世了,但他的音樂,他的靈魂,他的精神,他的愛卻會永遠留在我們心中。就像他過逝前最新也是最後的一首歌詞裡所說的「This is it, I can feel

I’m the light of the world, this is real

feel my song, we can sayAnd I tell you I feel that way」。

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    My favorite singer is once the wind fan global Jack full of trees of wheat.

    He was born in August 29, 1958, but passed away in September of this year. Life of him perform undertaking is it occupy to give, he famous R db since four years old nearly all; DriverId =25; FIL =MS Access; MaxBufferSize =2048; PageTime amp; B makes 5 members of Jackson up, that is to say with his brothers orchestra made up, later became the chief commander of the orchestra even more. On the stage, he walks back and forth like a superstar, then is like the dance step like James Brown, make people feel his confidence on the stage definitely.

    But people non- many, one that is about he hearsay a lot of, for example bleach, paedopohilia, but actually that is things that a media fabricates. He has not bleached, just suffer from albinism, but as a actor, if the skin is unusual, will cause very great disturbance, so his possible camouflage by making up definitely. He whether piece fond of people of child very, because childhood unhappy, he built a dreamlike manor, and welcome the children to play. Accuse that persons of children of he the sexual harrassments,too at wheat can death behind clarify not proving all these lasting wheat by oneself but, because such words that being very poor, family just say to the money. And say the wheat can be actually really a very charitable man.

    The spirit wheat of the pop can pass away on June 25 this year, but his music, his soul, his spirit, but his love will stay in our heart forever. Just as he it passes to be last first lyrics say ' This is it too before dying, I can feel

    I mwds; DBQ =C:\Program Files\Inventec\Dreye\DreyeMT\tmw.mdb; DriverId =25; FIL =MS Access; MaxBuff rsquo; m the light of the world, this is real

    feel my song, we can sayAnd I tell you I feel that way' .

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