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Step 1 Review Contract.Review UIW Occupancy Agreement Contract to understand the terms of your application for University Housing. You may also wish to review the Agreement Policy Guidelines.

Step 2 Complete the Housing and Board Application. If you are applying to live in the residence halls starting in the fall of 2009 or the spring of 2010, please click the button below and you will be forwarded on to our web-based online application where you can submit your information.Housing andBoard Application: Click HERE to apply for the Spring 2010 semester or the Fall 2009-Spring 2010 academic year online

Click HERE to download a copy of the Fall 2009- Spring 2010 application

Step 3 Pay your $225 Housing Deposit.Submit a check for $225, payable to University of the Incarnate Word for your housing deposit. Please note that submission of a housing deposit does not confirm your intent to enroll with the University. However, with the appropriate paperwork, it does reserve a bed space on campus. (Please be sure that you have also submitted your $200 matriculation deposit to the Admissions Office.)Click HERE to Pay Online

Step 4 Send the completed Housing Application, along with a housing deposit (check or money order) for $225 to:Residence Life Coordinator of Operations

Office of Residence Life

University of the Incarnate Word

4301 Broadway, Box 306

San Antonio, Texas 78209

*Please note a space will not be guaranteed or assigned until all application materials are submitted.

Step 5 Prior to arriving for check-in, please be sure that you are in compliance with the NEW meningitis vaccination requirement. More details can be found at: NEW Meningitis Vaccination Requirement



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    你是要去這間學校讀大學? 研究所?語言學校?


    如果你是語言學校的話 可能就不是直接跟學校宿舍申請

    而是要跟語言學校聯繫 因為你的身份還不是正式學生

    如果你是正規學生的話 就要看你入學的時間

    接下來一月的話 應該陸續就要通知分配結果了

    (這個禮拜是感恩節 等下禮拜吧...)

    九月入學的話 你應該還有很長一段時間要等

    Source(s): my experience
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