From where or how can I get a $3,000 dollar loan?

I need $3,000 dollars by December 8 for an emergency i have. All I have under my name is my mobile home to use as collateral. Can someone give me advice as to what I can do in my case please? I already went to Wells fargo bank,Chase, and Bank of America. All they could do for me since I don't have any credit at all was offer me a credit card. I applied for the credit card with bank of america but I have to wait about two weeks to see for what type of credit card I qualify for. I am thinking it will most likely be a secured card because I have no credit at all.What can I do to get a 3,000 dollar loan?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would say go to Western Union but they will need to see some pay stubs first before they give you their money. Keep in mind that you would pay a lot of interest.

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