What show should I watch now?

1About the end of last summer in 2008 i started watching amine. it started with pokemon and has now expanded. i now am running out of options and i need your help

what i have seen in chronological order:

pokemon - entire series from kanto through up to date sinnoh

Yugioh - Regular series with yugi and Joey(the original cast)

Jackie Chan- all five seasons

Teen titans- all five seasons

Avatar the last airbender - all books

Recently finished dragon ball z and now going back to see dragon ball and dragon ball gt

1 . Pokemon:

LIKES: started at the end of summer of 2008. This is my default series. its my constant. I play the game and keep up with the show. I really like it. there are so many episodes that is it hard to get bored. because there seems to be no end to it it is nice to come back to once i finish a different amine. I have wated the entire series through then i started over and watched though battle frontier so yeah i have watched a ton of pokemon. it has some funny moments

2 . Dragon ball z and continued...

LIKES: i have only watched the dragon ball z but i plan and watching both dragon ball and dragon ball gt. I like how the plot is always moving and how the characters age and develop.Also there are many unexpected plot twists like cell and buu sagas. Teenage Gohan really made the series for me. he was my favorite character. also videl.The characters are really dinamic and the themes are good but not to corny. I really liked this series i think i might have put it in front of pokemon, but it has ended and there is no sequils to it but it does rival pokemon in my eyes.

3 . Avatar the last airbender:

LIKES: I watched it this summer. I think this is the only amine that i could go back and rewatch episodes with out getting bored. It has a great plot and great characters. Toph was my favorite character. I liked how they gave people powers but nothing that was completely overwelming aka DBZ. Ang is hilarious but toph was funnier, i think this was one of if not he funniest amine i have seen.

4 . Jackie Chan:

LIKES: i watched this last spring. Even though this is four on my list i REALLY liked it. I felt that the first three seasons were really good but then it droped off. I loved the tailismans idea and the plot. JADE MADE THE SERIES. I dont know if i would have watched it if she wasnt in it. this was great and good be ranked higher. very lightheared and might be tied with avatar for funniest

5 . Teen Titans

Likes: I watched this right after Jackie Chan and right before Avatar. so late spring early summer. It was good. My favorite character was raven. i liked the super hero references. The last season was by far the best. I liked how different episodes were centered around different protagognists. beast boy was funny, but raven was the best. i loved the dry sarcasm.

6 . Yugioh:

LIKES: this was the first series that I watched after pokemon. I watched the entire pokemon series and then i started over. about half way through johto i got really bored and i wanted to try something else so i started yugioh. Over all it was ok. Some points i really liked and others bored me. I liked Kiaba, Joey, and Mia. i admired mia and kiaba they could be serious and stern and then sarcastic.

Over all likes and dislikes:

Likes: funny, sarcastic characters, light hearted, warm, sweet, good plot, good character developement, nice friendly themes with pure hearted heros, a romance makes it more interesting (Gohan Videl) (Robin Starfire) ( Ash misty)

Dislikes: Dark plots, overly (Japanese) drawings plots and ideas.

Not sure about:

Great amounts of violence didnt effect me in DBZ but that was because there was so much more to the series. i think an amine that was all about blood and gore might not be the best choice for me.

I think the most important this is that it has a little comidy in the amine i also wanted to be light hearted and fun, but with a good balance of plot and character development.

yes according to the history i seem to like more kids type and maybe a little older ones like starting in the 90s or early 2000s


I tend to like more americanized kid show than traditional japanese amines.

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    i think you should watch

    1. ouran high school host club

    its very funny its about a girl who is mistakenly taken as a boy but then when the club finds out they do everything they can to protect the secret. the host club entertains girls with too much time on their hands

    2. bleach

    its funny and it has some action its about a normal teenage boy that receives soul reaper powers in order to protect his family but now he has to protect his town and he goes to the soul society and hueco mundo. the anime is not finished it has more than 150 episodes translated. there are more than 250 episodes and it is still going

    3. full metal alchemist

    its funny and hence the name its about alchemy. a boy and his brother are trying to find the philosopher stone to restore the brother's body because they did forbidden alchemy. the boy becomes a state alchemist i order to find the stone.

    4. DN Angel

    its funny and its got like 5% romance its about a boy who has not an alter ego but something of tht nature named dark and he is a phantom theif. they go on many adventures. it is NOT yaoi

    5. Tsubasa reservoir chronicles

    its about a girl who loses all her memories. they turn into feathers and this boys has to travel between worlds to find them. it has magic in it.

    6.witch hunter robin

    its about a craft user robin who is working with an organization to stop craft users who are bad

    7. wolf's rain

    its mostly about wolves who are trying to find paradise

    there are so many more just go to www.justdubs.net everything is dubbed no subtitles hence the name

    Source(s): www.justdubs.net
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  • Sky C
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    1 decade ago

    The anime I've watched and fell in love with:

    Death Note (which is probably too dark for your liking)

    Ouran High Host Club

    Princess Princess (extremely soft yaoi and there is no English Dub. Only sub)

    Loveless (soft yaoi. No English Dub either.)

    Ranma (not sure if it's too Japanese for you)

    The ones I listed are the type that I like. They're funny, have amazing characters, amazing, sweet romance, and for the most part it's light hearted (excluding Death Note). They're definitelyy worth checking out.

    But something that's maybe a little more your style is You-gi-oh 5ds.

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  • Susan
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    4 years ago

    What TV shows to watch (canceled shows)? I have a little free time on my hand and I'm wondering what tv shows to watch. Preferably tv shows that have been canceled so i don't have to watch it in the fall. I enjoy a variety of tv shows such as (teen) dramas, comedys, sci fis. My favourite are Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill and Chuck. I watch other shows like gossip girl, heroes, CSI:NY, private practice, dollhouse. I have previously watched the o.c., charmed, prison break. So do you guys have any suggestion on tv shows i should watch (that are canceled) that are really good for stuff I like. Thanks

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago



    Flame of recca

    Naruto shippuden



    Code geass

    One peice


    Halo legends

    Dont watch dragonball gt it wasnt made by the man who made the first 2 an american studio did it And it doesent make sence in alot of the scenes

    Static Shock

    Batman beyond

    Batman the animated series

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  • 1 decade ago

    wow, those are very kiddy animes.

    and when i say that, to mention that TEEN TITANS is not an anime!!

    there are some good animes that aren't so mature



    -maybe deathnote/code geass/naruto

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  • 1 decade ago

    if u like watching anime try watch shugo chara, la corda d'oro, vampire knight

    but if u like sports anime try watching prince of tennis, eyeshield 21 , slam dunk and one out.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Can't go wrong with Jackie Chan.

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  • 1 decade ago

    im sorry u dont have a life : (

    try watching other stuff than anime : (

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