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What is this Russian transliteration?

My girlfriend got a message from her Russian grind that has the word "Krasav4ik" in it. I know the 4 there I don't know if it was a mistake or some Russian Internet talk can anyone help me find the meaning?

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    "4" substitutes "ч"

    красавчик - a pretty boy, even dandy (according to Oxford Dictionary), it's a spoken Russian word, usually used as kinda jocular or a negative characteristic for a person or with a meaning that this person isn't very serious.

    Source(s): I'm Russian
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  • Paul
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    It's unfortunate atavism - there was a need in such insult to Russian language back in 1998 - same insult was towards say French or Italian - e-mail was 7bit often and this for Russian, Italian,... people used __transliteration___ -

    ............ replacement of _national_ letters with _English_ letters

    But as soon as computer progress let people to use all the letters, Western Europeans STOPPED the insult and used national letters on the WEb, in e-mail, etc. -

    if a US person sends _now_ (now in 1998) an e-mail with Transliteration - that is with English letters instead French accented, it would be very bad, agree?

    It's because French or Italian people do care about their own language and national letters.

    It's why it's unfortunate that Russian-speaking people sometimes continue - without a need! - even nowadays to insult their own language like in your example.

    There is NO effort at all is required on the part of that person who sent such message to use national Russian letters of Cyrillic alphabet - each and every computer works just fine nowadays with Cyrillic,it's just atavism (since 1998) and bad behavior - insult their own language... Too bad they are different from French or Italian people who honor their national stuff.


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