Who are the hottest rock stars?

Male or Female. I, myself, am going to pick all males, because I just don't swing that way.

1. Bruce Springsteen (like back in the 80s...OMG)


HE was HOT!

2. Roger Daltrey (before he grew his hair out cuz I don't have a thing for guys with really long hair)


He is so cute in this picture I think.

3.Keith Moon (another Who member. Only cute for a few years, though. He totally ruined himself. he got really creepy towards the end. RIP Keith Moon)


This picture is ADORABLE. I know, I'm a total girl. He actually kind of looks like this guy that lives down the road from me.

That's about all I can think of, not counting this guy I go to school with who plays guitar and I have a huge crush on. But he's technically not a rock star.

Or Speck Mellencamp, John Mellencamp's son. I saw him this summer and I LUVED him. But I don't think he's technically a rock star either. Not yet at least. Well, that's my favoritest rock stars (not in any particular order)

Do you agree with me?


Smurfin John, I totally agree with you on George. I always thought he was the best looking Beatle ;D although some will disagree.Before they got all old and hairy (cuz I'm definitely not a fan of either) they were real good looking.

Update 2:

Smile too much:

what you're saying about jim morrison is is pretty much the same thing I'm saying about Keith moon. Really gorgeous before they went and got all fat and hairy and creepy. But they are both still the BOMB DIGGITY!!!!

(yes, i did just say the bomb diggity:)

Update 3:

Thanks Kat, I knew someone would:D

I don't know who that Gabe Saporta is, but he is pretty good looking, you're right.

And I have to agree with Jimmy Page, although now not so much. He wasn't TOO bad looking I guess.

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