what the freak is a michael myers match in call of duty 4?

people keep sending me messages saying "im starting a michael myers, please join". What is it?

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    A michael myers match is where someone gathers a bunch of people,

    And one person gets picked as Michael Myers.

    After that one person gets picked he has to join the opposite team as everyone else.

    The game rules are :

    No one is allowed to knife Michael Myers

    But Michael Myers is allowed to knife everyone else.

    Then once Michael Myers knifes you,

    You have to wait till next round to play again.

    You dont spawn until one of two things happen

    1. All of the people on your team dies

    2. Michael Myers gets killed

    The ONLY way michael myers can get killed is by the last man standing.

    ONLY the last man standing is allowed to kill Michael Myers.

    ONLY knifing is in Michael Myers.

    No sub machine guns, No pistols, No claymores. NOTHING BUT KNIFE.

    Its really fun (:

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    Mike Myers Call Of Duty

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    Fourzerotwo says: "There is 1 “Mike Myers” which can only use a Shotgun, Pistol, and Knife. Nothing else, he goes on the bottom team. Everyone else in the room goes on the top team. The goal is to hide around the map (sniper class helps), in the goal to be the last man alive. Mike Myers will go around finding / killing everyone until there is one person left. Once you’re the last man standing, you’re allowed to attempt to kill Mike Myers, but only using a knife, pistol, and stun grenades." I've never played it but get the same M2AF invites all the time!

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