Tokio Hotel Family: Favorite and most meaningful lyric?

For me it would be...

DE: "Du bist nicht alleine, ich bin an deiner Seite" (An Deiner Seite [Ich Bin Da], Zimmer 483)

EN: "You say I'm fixed, but I still feel broken" (That Day, Humanoid)

but I'm not sure... what about you guys? One from a German song and one from an English one.

Poll: If you got a TH tattoo, what would it say?

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    hmm, german lyric would probably be...

    "du bist alles was ich bin, une alles was durch meine adern fliebt."

    from.... in die nacht!! <3

    meaning, "you are all that i am, and everything that's running through my veins!"

    and english.... OMFG i really cant choose!!

    i love ALL their lyrics!!

    my fav is probably monsoon though.

    the chorus of it.

    and for the tattoo... omg i dont know.

    i'll edit back once i go through all their songs and write down my fav lyrics.



    okay, a billion kajillion th quotes i love...

    it's cruel when you burn me, i love how you hurt me. (attention)

    i scratch your sweet name, right into my skin. you left me burning, but i couldnt give in. (attention)

    it's automatic, systematic, so traumatic. (automatic)

    trains in the sky, are travelling through fragments of time. they're taking me to parts of my mind, that no one could find. (wbmw)

    i'm ready to fall, i'm ready to crawl on my knees to know it all. i'm ready to heal, i'm ready to feel. (wbmw)

    let's run into the pouring rain, to feel that we're alive again. (forever now)

    i'm done with systems.

    i'm done with reasons.

    i'm done with questions.

    i'm done with healing.

    i'm done with bleeding.

    i'm humanoid!

    (this would be a cool tattoo!)

    when the world cuts your soul into pieces and you start to bleed. (zoom into me)

    love, am i watchin you swim, or just seein you drown? is it tragedy or comedy? (love and death)

    come on, you can look at me, i don't need to fit in. stand up if you give a damn, it's the living season. (hey you)

    whatever they sell, sure know how to deal it. (that day)

    i'm physically, mentally, over obsessed with you. (screamin)

    i promise you right now, i'd never let you down. (ready set go)

    with every word another feeling dies. (love is dead)

    the eyes of the city are counting the tears falling down, each on a promise of everything you never found. (don't jump)

    and if all that can't hold you back, then i'll jump for you! (don't jump)

    to me you'll be forever sacred. (sacred)

    the walls are coming closer.

    my senses fade away.

    i'm haunted by your shadow.

    i reach to feel your face...

    you're not here!

    are you here?

    (i really like this one <3 rescue me)

    has our ending just begun, don't care, pretend to carry on. (final day)

    i am by your side, just for a little while. we'll make it if we try. (by your side)

    there's nothing and no one we'll miss, and one day we'll look back with no regrets. (1000 oceans)

    in your shadow i can shine!! (in your shadow)


    running through the monsoon

    beyond the world

    to the end of time

    where the rain wont hurt

    fighting the storm

    into the blue

    and when i lose myself i think of you

    together we'll be running somewhere new

    and nothing can hold me back from you

    through the monsoon!!!


    i love tokio hotel! <3 ;D

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  • 3 years ago

    Tokio Hotel Lyrics

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  • 4 years ago

    1. Who Is You Favorite Tokio Hotel Member? Bill 2. Who Would You Rather Make Out With Georg Or Gustav? Georg would prob b bettr @ makin out. Gustav would prob get a little nervous 3. Who Would You Rather Date Tom Or Gustav? Tom for excitement. Gustav 4 peaceful dates 4. Who Would You Rather Sleep With Tom Or Bill? Bill 5. Whats Your Favorite Tokio Hotel Song? Monsoon 6. Who Is Your Favorite Member Of The Tokio Hotel Family? You!

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  • By your side means a lot to me and the lyrics are amazing especially the first two lines [:

    No one knows how you feel

    No one there you'd like to see

    The day was dark and full of pain

    You write help with your own blood

    'Cause hope is all you've got

    You open up you eyes

    But nothings changed

    this song has gotten me through my bad days and if I got a tattoo it would probably be based on this song or just TH in generally but I don't know what I would actually get xD

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  • 4 years ago

    This Site Might Help You.


    Tokio Hotel Family: Favorite and most meaningful lyric?

    For me it would be...

    DE: &quot;Du bist nicht alleine, ich bin an deiner Seite&quot; (An Deiner Seite [Ich Bin Da], Zimmer 483)

    EN: &quot;You say I&#39;m fixed, but I still feel broken&quot; (That Day, Humanoid)

    but I&#39;m not sure... what about you guys? One from a German song and one from...

    Source(s): tokio hotel family favorite meaningful lyric:
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  • I'm just gunna name a couple cuz I'm a bit pressed for time haha

    I agree with the , "Du bist alles was ich bin und alles was durch meine Adern fließt". I have always thought that was the most beautiful quote EVER! It makes me sob all the time.

    I really like,

    "Ich höre wenn du leise schreist spüre jeden Atemzug von dir Und auch wenn das Schicksal uns zerreißt Egal was danach kommt das teilen wir"

    Which means, "I hear when you're quietly screaming sensing every breathe you take. Even when fate will tear us apart. No matter what comes after that, that's what we'll share"

    And basically the entire song "In Die Nacht" haha

    I also love the line in "Zoom Into Me", "When you can't breath, I will be there zoom into me". I think it's just really impacting :*)

    I could go on and on but I'm just gunna stop now taha

    Poll: I would get their symbol. IT'S WICKED!!! XD

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  • 5 years ago

    Oh i love all the quotes above. i ll post the ones that weren't mentioned

    the sky is changing, we are one

    together we can make it while the world is crashing down (ready set go ) <33

    we lost a dream we never had (love is dead)

    it all has no worth if we lose our trust (love is dead)

    it's automatic when you say things get better, but they never (automatic)

    Komm und rette mich,

    Ich verbrenne innerlich (Rette Mich)

    it means

    Come and rescue me, i'm burning internally

    I trusted you in every way, but not enough to make you stay (rescue me)

    You can make the darkness shine (alien)

    Give back my heart that your body rejected (attention)

    Is anybody shouting what no one can hear?

    Is anybody drowning, pulled down by their fear? (zoom into me)

    Is anybody laughing to kill the pain?

    Is anybody screaming the silence away? (zoom into me)

    Give me life, give me air

    Or I’ll be done, but I don’t care (humanoid)

    Will you stand the pain, when I'm by your side?(Darkside of the sun)

    Too young to live a lie, look into my eyes (ready set go)

    ohhh and i would to get a tattoo with "when i love myself i think of you" <33

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  • 1 decade ago

    Me and my friends are kinda in the stage where we're nearly to give something

    "Don't turn around, you'll see

    You can make it, never forget"-Sacred

    Poll: World Behind my Wall. It's so addicting. A lot of their songs are.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hmmm...this is a good question.

    'Before the ocean breaks apart, underneath me' - Sacred

    I just love that line <33

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  • 1 decade ago

    You write help with your own blood, cuz hope is all you've got, you opened up your eyes but nothings changed.

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