Catholics? Whats the difference betwenn a roman catholic and a jesuit catholic?

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    Jesuits are a group of ordained or avowed Catholic men who belong to the Society of Jesus - hence they carry the abbreviation S.J. after their name. These men are celibate and are consecrated to a life of prayer, charity and poverty in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ through the Catholic Church. Jesuits have founded a number of Catholic universities, schools at all levels, and work in worldwide ministry in service to the poor, the oppressed and the sick. They were among the first missionaries sent to the New World and the Far East in the 15th and 16th centuries.

    Jesuits are an order within the Catholic Church. All Jesuits are Catholic, but not all Catholics are Jesuit. There are other orders - Dominican, Franciscan, Opus Dei, Carmelite, to name a few - but not all clergy belong to an order. Priests and religious who are not ordered are called diocesan because they work primarily within a certain diocese (an area of administration underneath a bishop), while ordered religious work wherever the order asks them to. Few lay persons (non clergy) belong to an order - I don't think there's a lay equivalent of Jesuits, but there are lay people in Opus Dei and in the Society of St. Vincent du Paul.

    In terms of worship, Jesuits celebrate the Catholic Mass as well as pray the Hours - which is a discipline of setting aside various times of day for prayer. I believe in the Jesuit rule it is 9 times a day. If you're invited to dinner with a Jesuit community they will often say vespers following the meal.

    Think of Jesuits as a specialization within the Catholic Church.

    For the sake of completeness, what is meant by Roman Catholic Church and Catholic Church is interchangeable in the U.S. While there are different rites within the Catholic Church (26 of them), the majority of Catholics are Latin Rite, however all recognize the Pope in Rome as the earthly leader of the Church and so it is valid to call all rites part of the Roman Catholic Church. This distinction is only necessary in the parts of the world where a Polish Catholic or Byzantine Catholic Church actually means a church that is allied with the Orthodox Church (meaning it answers to the patriarch of the local eparchate rather than the bishop of the local diocese).

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    A Jesuit is a member of a particular monastic order. It's the most intellectual of the Catholic orders, and the Jesuits tend to run or teach in colleges or other schools.

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    Jesuits are a religious order within the Catholic Church. It is the same Church. Roman Catholic refers to the rite, what traditions you follow(especially during Mass).

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    Roman is a rite within the Catholic Church. The Jesuits are a religious order within the Catholic Church.

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    A Roman Catholic follows that of St Peter, & the Church of Rome, under the Pope.

    I don't know that much about the Jesuit Catholics, but I don't think they are the same following.

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    "Catholic" simply means "all." All Christians are catholic, but only some (well, lots) are Roman Catholic. There are several other churches that use the word "catholic" in their name, incluidng Ukrainian Catholic, Anglo-Catholic, and even Lutheran Catholic. Some are similar to the RC church, some in communion with it, while others are different, and not in communion. The "Roman" in Roman Catholic means you are under the Latin Church, of which the Bishop of Rome is the head. It is called Roman because the Pope is the Bishop of Rome, and the authority is centred in Rome. Other churches work quite differently, and many do not have a central authority figure as the RC's do.

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    The Jesuits (Society of Jesus) are a religious order of mostly academics and missionaries within the Latin Rite and are loyal to the Pope. Jesuits are known for founding schools, hospitals and universities. The founder of he order is St. Ignatius of Loyola.

    In Christ

    Fr. Joseph

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    The words Roman and Jesuit.

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    you need to read your history.. the jesuits were the pope's answer to the reformation and answerable only to the pope himself.. (not to mention they had the reputation for being hired assassins). of all the branches of the catholic church, there were the most highly educated IMHO. even today.

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  • Jesuits are Illuminati.

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