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This is for college football fan?

To vote for Hesiman trophy here is the link

Do me a favor vote for my favorite QB Colt McCoy

here is the link go to the bottom u will see it says Colt McCoy QB Texas, so vote for him.

Voting is free, I did it 2 times, so they dont charge money, thanks.

If u voted let me know.


Do u think Texas will win vs Texas A@M tomorrow, if so what will be the score.

Happy holiday, thanks

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    Thanks for the link, I voted, however I think Texas will win 40-14 tomorrow.

    If Texas wins tomorrow and at the Big 12 title game they will face the winner of FL and Alabama at BCS title game.

    I think it will come down Tebow or McCoy who takes the heisman trophy.

    U too, happy holiday


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    I hope nobody actually thinks this has anything to do with who actually wins the Heisman. This is only some online poll that ESPN is doing. Notice the word "promo" in the web address. This isn't the MLB All Star game, it's the Heisman. The media and past winners have votes.

    Texas beats A&M by 4 touchdowns.

    Bring on the SEC champs, whoever the refs decide to give it to.


    Always remember!


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    Texas will beat Texas A@M but florida tim tebow will make the heisman

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    I voted.

    BQ: Texas 45-20.

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    Gig'em Aggies!!!

  • Thanks for the link now I can vote for TIM TEBOW


    colt mccoy sucks

    texas a&m will win

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