Does Anyone know how to make a homemade "Turkey Hook"?

I want to make a deep fried Turkey this year but I have everything I Need except the hook used to hold the turkey in the center of the deep I am wondering if anyone would know how to make one...and also give me tips and a great recipe for a deep fried turkey thaks....

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    "If there is no basket or stand to hold the turkey, use a long heavy tool such as a clean fireplace poker to insert into the cavity of the turkey and then lift it carefully into the hot oil. Be careful that the turkey does not slip off the tool into the hot oil because that could cause the oil to splash out and cause harm to anyone standing nearby or to the cooker."..

    DO YOU have a basket with the handle that you can insert a long tool that 2 people could be on either side of the cooker and pull the turkey up? Please be careful doing this...long oven mitts,long pants,shoes,a fire extinguisher nearby please...I am a cook/caterer by trade and have heard horror stories especially for those trying to do this alone..Happy Thanksgiving.

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    Turkey Fryer Hook

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    Yes, a lot of people prefer to grind their own meat at home. Ground turkey and beef can contain a lot of strange cuts of meat and sometimes excessive bacteria (if poorly processed). Sausage is nothing more than ground meat with spices added. Personally, I don't make my own sausage, or grind my own meat. Store bought has to meet certain regulations and that is generally good enough for me. If I had a market that was particularly dirty, I might start making my own.

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    OF COURSE, PEOPLE MAKE THEIR OWN !! I'd bet that 20 percent of the people in my city make their own sausage. You just need to go into a grocery store and see the BINS of dried intestine to know it's "sausage-making time". When meat is at it's cheapest, even my boss and his siblings get together for a weekend of sausage-making. One of our city's most prosperous grocery stores was founded on their family's sausage recipe. In fact, they opened another store 400 miles away because of the popularity of their sausage. In the neighbourhood where I grew up, most homes had their own small, household meat grinder - just a simple one, made in England, which you would clamp to a table or counter. I have my mother's and still use it myself.

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    Use a heavy duty hot dog fork. They can be found in camping supplies at hardware stores.

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