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Why are UK Pakistani & Bangladeshi families 4 times more likely to live in poverty, compared to Indian\Chinese?

In UK, Indian & Chinese families have median incomes above the whites, but Pakistani & Bangladeshi families are 4 times more likely to live off welfare, but both India & the regions of Pak\Bangladesh were colonized by Brits & all these groups are ethnic minorities.

So why does Islam caus this poverty?


@Bloggers: Don't display more Islamic stupidity, in early 1800's there was no Pakistan & Bangladesh, people from those areas also emigrated to UK in the same proportions as Indians.

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    Ever seen how big the Indian and Chinese families are? They are very rarely above 4 member in all. Husband, wife and two kids at most.

    Ever seen how the Indians and Chinese study and get themselves an armload of educational and vocational qualifications? And, have you seen their attitudes? They integrate very well with the people of the Countries they migrate to. They are industrious, hard working people who make themselves assets to the Companies they work in.

    Many of them set up successful businesses and industries, too.

    Look at the Pakistani and Bangladeshi and even the Indian Muslim.

    They have very large families, are no good at studies and are ill educated. Not only do they lack skills that take them above the normal cabbie, janitor or unskilled labor class; they are abrasive, separatist and a problem wherever they go.

    Besides, they have no self respect.

    Clogging the dole queues and taking up the housing benefits and claiming to live below the Poverty Line are a way of life for them.

    To them, our charity is our weakness and it's their right to take it.

    With the Indians and Chinese, it's a loss of face. Taking charity is repugnant to them and so they do everything it takes to save face.

    Attitude is the main reason that the Muslims are what they are and why everybody has such a low opinion of them.

    Pity, but, that's the truth.

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    I was working somewhere years ago (I was the only white person there) where they had lots of reports about trying to raise achievement among minorities, and this was one of the issues they highlighted. One of the reasons they suggested was that education was not considered important for girls and parents were actually quite suspicious of British education because they thought it would have an adverse moral effect on their daughters. It also suggested that many girls were married quite young, which effectively ended their education.

    However in my work I have met very many British Muslims - men and women. I assumed the situation you mentioned had changed, but maybe not. The women I worked with were highly educated and intelligent, and by no means submissive, and the men were courteous, funny and well-educated. There seemed to be a 50-50 split between uber-religious and simply cultural muslims. I don't know what made the people I worked with different to the people you're speaking about...maybe they come from more middle-class families...?

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    Im british paki (mirpuri) Nobody really eats onions like? :s But yeah most of them things we do haha Also - leave plastic on remote control - go to relatives house and they dont let you stop eating - you find out how tight somebody is by how much eidhi (eid money) they give haha - your parents dont like you hanging around with some people because they are "lofhar" haha - you only go pakistan on holiday - your dad and uncles always talk about new business ideas like they are on the apprentice (uk tv show) - your house is too packed on eid that you and your cousins and all the kids (yeah all 50 of them) be sat on the stairs or stood in the passage - when relatives come around your dad and other men think they are kings and make you put all food down and pick them up when they are done - your friends call everyone else racist but they are racist as fu*k and you dont realise - you live in a area which is 90% pakistani

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    Just an idea,

    Perhaps the Indian/Chinese people work harder,

    maybe they try to fit into and adopt the British culture and way of life.

    Maybe the Indian /Chinese people concentrate on making a life for themselves in their adopted country.

    Maybe the Pakistani/Bangladeshi people spend too much time thinking up excuses and blaming others for their poverty,rather than concentrating on improving their situation.

    Maybe I am completely wrong.

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    Why say anything here?

    Go to the Welfare Office queues and see for yourselves!

    Look at the videos in the links below and see the facts for yourselves.

    You can thank your Liberals for this.

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    The Indians and Chinese have been established in the UK since as early as the 1800s and have had far more time to build up their incomes. The Pakistani and Bangladeshi families are much more recent arrivals. Newly arrived immigrants in any country normally have incomes below the median.

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    Because most humans are tribal animals. Too many are too willing to submit to their stereotypes. Why else do you think there was such a brouhaha over Obama's presidency? Similarly, if society tacitly decrees that Bangladeshis belong to the lower strata of society, then they themselves will relinquish their ambitions for greater things.

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    The link you provided suggests some of the reasons and Islam is not mentioned, so why would you end with that question/statement?

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    how does islam 'CAUSE' this poverty...islam does not cause poverty...islam encourages us to pay zakat...that is, a certain amount of earnings must go to the poor...we are also encouraged to do the best we can in helping the poor and needy, that doesn't necessarily mean only helping muslim's, there are children in Africa too, which I like to donate to every so often. If everyone in the world gave zakat, there would not be any poverty..and it has been stated in quran that after Isa (saw) will descend, after his duty is done on earth, of Allah has ordered him to do, there will be no religion left but islam and poverty will no longer exist....islam is the solution for all of humanity..:)

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    oh... Is that so?

    I have family there and in their city the muslims are quite well off...

    also your an idiot... generalize all you want but it's a stupid and baseless statement to claim that Islam creates poverty... It doesn't and BTW we are the ones against interest...

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