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My boss crossed the line, when he told me my photography "sucked" how to appropriately deal with it?

I am a graphic designer, and I do good work,. I graduated 5 years ago, and most people love my work.

Of course I can't please everyone, but usually when people express what they want, I can see it in my mind's eye and produce it for them. I've produced good graphics for this company, and I have been making drastic improvements with everything I touch, since the person before me, well wasn't good at graphics. The position I'm in, is not just graphics. I'm doing a lot of other office stuff, database management, web stuff, organizing, coordinating, so it's not like I have all day to focus, on stuff. I actually brought in my OWN camera equipment because all they had was a crappy point in click camera. I've been taking pictures and they have been happy. They paid a photographer to take some product shots, and I do just as good if not better, (not a talented photographer) So I go out into the field to take some shots of the product in action. I thought that for spending a half day, taking 200 images, then bringing them back and photoshoping them, they were some pretty decent images. SOOO much better than the last lady. I'm using a Nikon d50, with a crappy lens and a tripod... so one of my bosses saw some the pictures, and I was really happy with them. He told me that they "sucked". I asked "why", he said well this is too dark, and this and that... slight variations He has no background whatsoever to know what he's talking about.

I don't have the equipment needed for high grade professional shots.

This is my OWN equipment. I told him if he dosn't like it, buy me the equipment that is needed, or hire a REAL professional photographer, not some random guy with an ad in the yellow pages.

Another factor is, this company has been fine with crappy graphics for the past ten years, (i'm serious, I'm not just saying that)

now there are some new bosses, to my boss. They understand the importance of good graphics, and I am redoing our catalog top to bottom, and a whole bunch of other stuff. The new bosses I don't think would let me do all this work, if they didn't see that i was a capable designer. There were lots of complements and thumbs up on the last product campaign. So all my old bosses know, is that the new bosses want quality, but they don't know how to get there. SO their approach is to try to put the hammer down on me, and to raise their standards of quality. They think by putting down my work, that somehow this will produce better results. BUT there is only so much I can do within their budget. I found a great local photographer who is very talented and reasonable prices.

They are very harsh and critical now, How do I react professional, and also tell them, yo, this is unappopiate., this is not how you treat your designers, I am not a miracle worker.

What are some good ways to handle the situation?

I feel that this is not good, if he wants something different, then he can say it in a more communicative way.

I feel that I need to take my equipment home, so they can learn to appreciate what I offer to this company.

How would you handle this?


look, the problem is, the boss is not defing what he wants. He has major communication issues with the whole corporation. he actually go demoted recently. there are several complaints with several departments with his behavior.

I stand behind my work. He doesn't understand that a photo you take that maybe boring, is GREAT for something that has text over it, or for a background etc...

Update 2:

Old Mr Happy, if you have 45 years in business, then obviously you are old, and you don't have the understanding of today's business practices.

You sound like an abusive boss, and I feel sorry for anyone that had to work for you.

My photography in the past was fine, my graphics have been proven. In fact while in college and taking PROFESSIONAL LEVEL PHOTOGRAPHY!, the professor loved my work, and wanted me to switch majors.

It's completely unprofessional and abusive of my boss, to simply say "it sucks", when they don't suck, they are just not what he is looking for, and he dosn't know how to communicate that, and is feeling the heat of the higher ups.

The higher ups TRUST MY ABILTITES,

I put together a whole campaign for a project, photography, graphics etc. and it was a HIT!

otherwise they would hire an outside agency. PLUS, may I remind you that the job at hand, has MANY hats. My boss is just not used to having to deal with us, and passing his stress onto me, he dosn't know how

Update 3:

to handle a project like this. I'm not going to tollerate crap from assholes like you, or him.

That is not how you get a project done, and he will completely fair if he continues to handle it this nature.

Update 4:



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    You are a female, right? Your boss is right in subjective decisions. Take your equipment home. Hire professionals. You do your job, not someone elses. This rant is not professional and if you carry on and whine like this on the job, I'd find another graphic designer. This whole thing sounds like baby crap to me.

    And how ANYONE here can say whether you are a good photographer, OR NOT, is idiocy. They can tell by your spelling or grammar??? How pathetically stupid that is. The boss didn't like the work, and that should tell everyone something.

    Owner/operator of business for over 45 years.

    Source(s): And I asked if you were female, because I am being more polite than if you were a man, dear. Additional: You sound completely unstable with this long rant in the Etiquette section. Good luck to you.
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    Did he say WHY it "sucked"? As a fellow designer, I know you're used to critique (at least you should be), but some outsiders certainly don't know how to do that, all they know is that they don't like it. That is your cue that you are not communicating effectively, which is what design is all about.

    They don't always know why. If you press more for details, why he doesn't like it (calmly), then you'll have a much easier time remedying the situation. It's not his job to know what he wants, it's your job to tell him what he needs and why that's good, in terms he can understand and identify with.

    If all else fails, go to iStockPhoto.com or BigStockPhoto.com and get yourself some stock images. They're not expensive, like $4 each, and your boss won't have to spend the money to pay you for the time it takes to go take photos.

    No non-designer will ever quite "get it", but that's okay, job security and all, right ;) The biggest point is that they need to like it, whether you do or not, so it's best not to get too attached to your work.

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    It is the boss' job to tell you what they need and give you direction. He may have not been very polite about it, but you will need to take it in and try to find a way to deliver.

    You will grow in your professional life if you learn to take criticism and use it to improve. Try not to let it get you down and get stuck justifying yourself. Use this as an opportunity.

    You cannot evaluate the boss and get him to change. That is not within your power.

    If it is not an opportunity to grow and his criticisms are not valid, you have two options. Document the incident and build your case over time. I am assuming this is a a type of behaviour that happens regularly and not a one off. Or begin to look for another job. No one should be subjected to an intolerable work atmosphere. Build the case, and then take it to the supervisor, and/or look for another job.

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    First, I'm going to assume that your own evaluation of your performance is true. Even if your pics weren't great, it sounds like the problem is that you are providing several duties, spreading yourself thin and selling yourself short. The result is that they take your work for granted.

    First, and behind their back, you should market your talents at other places, take samples of your work and see if you can get hired elsewhere. Do not be underestimated. Make them see the quality and quantity of your work.

    As to this job, and assuming of course that you will not find other work, you need to let it be known that you provide important job functions at your place of employment. Sometimes, for those of us who have a reputation as the "only ones who can actually get things done around here...give it to them" it can actually benefit you to turn down some requests...not from the boss but from colleagues. That gives a sign that they need to start considering the quality of service you provide, and stop assuming they can get you to do things that are beneath or beyond your job description and beyond your abilitites.

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    Oh this is easy. Since I was once a boss that also promoted my then lover to comptroller. She was responsible for my pleasures, and needs. She only had to be available for any encounters that should arise in my office. She did such a good job as my comptroller that I later married her. So do not worry dear. You will have more time now than before, so just keep the boss happy and I will continue to answer some of your wonderful questions.

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  • If he doesn't like/appreciate the hard work you put into your pictures but most of the other people you have showed them to in the past do, you should consider leaving. Obviously, he's not going to change his opinions or want to purchase the equipment you need to make the quality of your work better. Go elsewhere where you will be appreciated.

    Source(s): I wanted to be a cartooonist when I was younger. This is what I would do if I were in your shoes.
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    Try to explain your situation to them in a very CALM manner don't get carryed away with anger or whatever. Try explaining the reason why the pictures are dark is beucase you don't have the right equptment and that if you had the right kind the pictures would be better.

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    This long rant really doesn't have a place in the Etiquette forum. And you, lady, seem to have some serious mental health issues. Perhaps you need to address your concerns to a qualified doctor, rather than begging for affirmation in this section.

    Good luck to you, your colleagues and family; I have a feeling they need it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Tell him that you did not take the photo for him and You love it.

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  • I'd love to help you but im not gonna read all tht!

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