Throwing Knife tips for COD:MW2?

I have throwing knives down pretty good, usually about 4-5 kills per game, can anyone recommend any tips for helping with it?


By the way, it's a PS3 (4get a XBOX)

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    U usually trow knifes at people who are sniping, or to those who don't know that u r behind them because the guy doesn't see you and u will have a 99% chance to kill the guy. it is basically the knife u have but with a longer range. I recommend to use the knife only to complete challenges, because it is very hard to have a kill like that one. But if u r doing a challenge i recommend to hold down R2 (4 ps3) or the button u use 4 the grenade (srry xbox owners, but i don't really know the xbox controller well) and w8, because if u c a guy and u want to use the knife but u r using a gun, it takes about 2 seconds 2 do that, and by the time u do that, u r most likely dead. So my tip is to aim well in advance. Thanks.

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    Itchy trigger finger on your keybind/controller is great, do you have a heartbeat sensor? It can help alot, with practice bounce offs can be great. I did one where I was running away, bloke behind me was running whilst reloading, so I threw the knife in front of me and up, bounced off the wall in front and into him.

    I've somebody is sniping in a room but you cant see em, first go with grenade to displace them, and the throwing knife for a lucky bounce =)

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    attempt on the map with the crashed plane interior the midsection. i think of its Afgan and often there is somebody sniping on remarkable of the cliff and if there is somebody up there then throw a flash so it lands promptly at the back of him so which you will already be aimed in his direction and so as that it additionally flashes him slightly so he can circulate then throw the knife appropriate in his back. That’s precisely how I have been given it.

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    1 decade ago

    you shouldn't have gotten the xbox 360, it gets the rrod. And btw macs pwn pcs

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