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raobmc asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

Argument essay!! 急急急. 聽日要交文la

help me!!... 聽日要交文la.. 因有大量功課&考試...

寫唔切篇argument essay.. 請各位英作高手幫幫手...


Topic 1 Should gays adopt child?

Topic 2 School activities are important for a student or not?

希望各位可以choose Topic1.. 因為比較切合我ge課題...

請各位英作高手幫幫忙... 聽日交文la.. 感激不盡!!!!!!


因字數要在450至550之間... 所以因時間不足...

希望各位能夠幫幫忙!!... Thank you very much!!!

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    I am helping you to complete the Topic 2, but can you give me the feedback about my essay by you or your school? My email:

    In traditional schools, students attend school to learn different knowledge. They learn different subjects to know more about the world. Teachers teach students by books. Then students absorb knowledge in their mind. Most of parents think that it is normal way to study. In Western schools, teachers think that mutual learning is more important than reading books only. It is because students can raise their questions by their critical thinking and teachers explain their questions. Sometimes, teacher do not know how to answer some complex questions such as at university. They discuss together to find solutions. This can enhance their relationship and trust. Teachers cannot know all knowledge, so this can also increase teachers’ knowledge.

    Not only absorbing knowledge by books, but also learning from activities. Because students can have a relax atmosphere to learn the activity’s principle. It can reflex the real case in the world as like as a mirror. Activities can train our leadership, cooperation, communication and inter-personal relationship. However, students cannot learn these from books and by teachers. They must experience the process of activities and then got the principle of the activity.

    Nowadays, students have loitered in the street, amusement game centers and shopping centers. Even some students have taken the dangerous drugs and sent to hospital. They think that they can go nowhere as no one care them, because their parents have to earn a living and work everyday. This is the social phenomenon in developed countries. Thus, schools should provide more activities for students to participate. This can spend their spare time and energy and reduce their chance to touch the illegal activity.

    to be continued....

    2009-11-25 18:59:06 補充:

    Finally, I totally agree schools should have activities for students as they can learn different experience. When students derail from a right track, it is difficult for parents and teachers to take them back into right track.

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