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中翻英, 麻煩幫個忙, 十分感謝!!(急)

麻煩幫忙中翻英, 感謝大大了~~~~

昨天我檢查了所有主機, 發現No2上的系統都有相同的問題(其他主機沒有類似的問題), 這些系統已上線超過半年,之前也都能正常運作, 更換了之前的設定檔後, 問題就解決了.

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  • Ginisa
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    1 decade ago
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    I had checked the mainframe yesterday and found that the systems on No2 had the same problems while other mainfrains did not have the similar problems. These systems have been online for more than half a year and have been functioned normal. So the problem will be solved once the previous preset profile is changed.

    主機: mainframe

    系統: systems

    類似的問題: similar problems

    正常運作: functioned normal

    之前的設定檔: previous preset profile

    Source(s): from years of using English
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  • 1 decade ago

    主機: 建議server 或 workstation

    正常運作: functioned normally

    之前的設定檔: previous configuration preset/profile

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