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Jennifer Sterling-Folker-女權主義-

Making Senseof InternationalRelations Theory-書名

Jennifer Sterling-Folker-作者

CH-8: feminist approaches-章節




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    Making Sense of IR Theory - J. Sterling-Folker;

    Realist Approaches: Realism - J. Sterling-Folker; Structural Realism:

    The Consequences of Great Power Intervention - K.R. Adams; Neoclassical

    Realism: The Motives of Great Power Intervention - J. Taliafero;

    Liberal Approaches: Liberalism - J. Sterling-Folker; Neoliberalism:

    Institutions at War - S. Kay; Public Goods Liberalism: The Problems of

    Collective Action - M. Butler and M. Boyer; Game Theory Approaches:

    Game Theory - J. Sterling-Folker; Game Theory: Modeling Interstate

    Conflict - S. L. Quackenbush and F.C. Zagare; Constructivist

    Approaches: Constructivism - J. Sterling-Folker; Social

    (De)Construction: The Failure of a Multinational State - M. Hoffmann;

    Relational Constructivism: A War of Words - P.T. Jackson; Postmodern

    And Critical Theory Approaches: Postmodernism and Critical Theory - J.

    Sterling-Folker; Postmodernism: A Genealogy of Humanitarian

    Intervention - R. Shinko; Critical Theory: Dialogue, Legitimacy, and

    Justifications for War - M. Lynch; Historical Materialism And World

    System Approaches: Historical Materialism and World System Theory - J.

    Sterling-Folker; Historical Materialism: Imperialist Rivalry and the

    Global Capitalist Order - A.W. Cafruny; World System Theory: A Bird's

    Eye of the World Capitalist Order - A. Freyberg-Inan; Feminist

    Approaches: Feminism - J. Sterling-Folker; Liberal Feminism: Local

    Narratives in a Gendered Context - J. Mertus; Critical Feminism: Gender

    and War - F. D'Amico; Biopolitical Approaches: Biopolitics - J.

    Sterling-Folker; Biopolitics: Evolutionary History and Modern Conflict

    - V.S.E. Falger and J.M.G. van der Dennen; English School Approaches:

    The English School - J. Sterling-Folker; The English School:

    Sovereignty and International Law - T. Knudsen; Applying IR Theory - J.


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