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What types of things to address when writing a letter to a judge?

My boyfriend is in jail for driving without a license. There was a very good reason for this, his boss was feeling very sick (he has extended health conditions) and could not drive, so he pulled over and let my boyfriend drive. They were the only two in the vehicle at the time. He is in jail until his court date of Dec 10th. This is his second offense because the first we did not receive mail stating his license had been suspended. I want to write a letter to the judge to maybe lessen his sentence. What key points should I state in the letter?

Does or can this work? Will any judge really look at this and read it? Thank you!


I love my boyfriend, that would be why I am sticking with him through thick and thin. So, please no more rude comments, such as, I need a new boyfriend. Thank you!

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    Im sry for you but, I think u need new boyfriend.

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    if your boyfriend doesnt have much of a prior record he could get off with time served and probation, i dont think you can get him to move the court date up. couldnt he make bail? Anyways, i don't think a letter will make much of a difference, but it is just my opinion

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