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Good Adventures for Kauai!?

I am going to Kauai next week, we already bought the little blue book, but anyone who has been or lives there good ideas to go do and see? We are staying at the HYATT, trying to figure out day by day what we should do, going to be there for eight days! We already have one thing planned, its floating down on tubes an all day trip seems fun, anything else? Let me know! Thanks!

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    The innertube adventure isn't an all day thing, just so you know. It's a few hours at most, and that includes a stop for lunch. (I've done it three different times.)

    I recommend a helicopter flight (InterIsland is the best), a catamaran ride to see dolphins, the Na Pali coastline, and maybe whales (Captain Andy's), and ziplining (Kauai Backcountry Adventures -- the same people who do the innertube tour). Kayaking the Wailua River is also fun. Since you already have the book, I won't bother you with links. Just look up the things I've mentioned in the back of the book.

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