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I need Screenplay Ideas!!! Can anybody help me?

Ive had some screenplay ideas and started to write some of them but then quit it. I need some screenplay ideas? Good enough so I can stick to it and not quit it!

Any category will be fine, Comedy, Drama, Future, Animation, Sports, Thrillers, or even Romance...

I dont do Biopics(Im too lazy to do the research...), Musicals, or Action...

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    You just asked this, Write about a guy who can't come up with original ideas and tries to steal other's by going onto yahoo answers asking the same question numerous times only to find he had the gift of a good story brewing inside him.

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    Obviously you have nothing to say and nothing to offer. So why keep at it? Writing isn't for you. Lazy and Screenwriter don't go together in the same sentence. If you can't work up the energy to read about somebody's life or a portion of it (you know, where the entire story is all laid out for you) you're barking up the wrong tree career wise.

    So quit while you're ahead and go into Plumbing.

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    I had this idea before about a church in las vegas that does charity work during the day and is a cover for gambling and prostitution at night(and other sins). Its a church cover so they dont have to pay taxes. I was going to call it Holy Rollers. But I left that idea in the dust. It seemed silly but there are some possibilities there.

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