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Natural Products sometimes aren't?

Why do companies call their products "natural" when they contain awful stuff in them like parabens and other cancer causing chemicals in them? It's disgusting and I'm sick of it. It makes them look even worse to me, so why do they do it?

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    Did you know that a skincare company only has to have 5% of a natural ingredient in their product to call it "natural". It's unfortunate, but it's all about making money.

    Companies realize that people are waking up and doing their homework about what ingredients are being put in these products, so they use words that people like to see such as "natural", "pure"' "safe" and even "organic" even though that's usually far from the truth. The only way to be completely sure is to look for products with a "certified organic" seal on the package.

    If you are looking for such a company, here's one of the best, if not thee best:

    Always read the ingredient label first before purchasing any product ... and stay away from products that simply list "fragrance" as an ingredient - most likely it's made up of possibly hundreds of chemicals, but companies are only required to list the ingredient as "fragrance".

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