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What is Obama doing right?

I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I wasn't rooting for McCain, nor was I on Obama's side in this election. I just want to know why Obama fans like him so much, and if they still do. I mean i was shocked when he got awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. And I don't agree with him wanting to add troops in Afghanistan! We need an exit plan and he hasn't spoken of that yet... What is Obama's charm?

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    Okay, well let"s just start with everything correct:

    -The Stimulus was correct, and needs time to work its way through the economy from the ground up.

    -The cutting of $32 billion his first week in office was correct.

    -The freeze put on the second half of the TARP funds fed chairman Ben Benanke and Bush pushed through was correct.

    -Putting oversight into place before the remaining $350 billion TARP money could be used was correct.

    -The foreign trips so far have been effective in restoring our nation's image around the world, and so are correct. President Obama's masterful and nuanced speech in Cairo, Egypt to a vast Muslim audience was right-on fabulous---and also correct.

    -The agreement forged by President Obama with both the Russian president and Prime Minister Putin to reduce nuclear weapons by a significant percentage over time is correct. -The permission to make use of Russian airspace in order to transport troops, weapons, and military equipment to Afghanistan is correct.

    -The closing of Guantanamo is proceeding on schedule and is correct.

    -The withdrawal of American troops from the cities of Iraq is a step closer to ending the war without leaving chaos in the wake, so this is also correct.

    -The repayment of TARP funds, with INTEREST ($86 billion) by ten of the banks is a direct result of the restrictions President Obama and the Democrats put in place restricting salaries and bonuses of "welfare" banks, and so is correct.

    -The appointment of quality people to head the various Cabinet positions has been correct.

    -Within the stimulus, there is an $8000 tax credit for people who buy an American-made car (which helps both the buyer and the U.S. auto industry, a correct move.

    -The two-year tax cut for all working Americans who make less than $250,000 a year is a good move, and also correct.

    -The first-time homebuyer provision in the Stimulus will help the housing market recover, give a huge tax break to any buyers, and thus help the economy.

    -The summer youth employment program in the stimulus will help teens earn an income during the summer months, which peripherally helps the economy.

    -There have been jobs saved in some states, but other states (such as FL, CA, IND, etc.) were in debt prior to receiving the stimulus dollars and so in these states the recovery isn't going to be as robust.

    -Construction projects are plentiful and there are plenty of high-paying jobs available.

    We have several small-business startups, too, thanks in part to the stimulus and also to the state incentives.

    -President Obama underestimated the employment figures by hoping the job loss could stay in the 8% to 8.5% range---but this recession is both national and global---meaning our exports are not selling in the global markets, which causes layoffs. However, the unemployment compensation increases in the Stimulus package will help these displaced workers through December, and there are also increases in food stamps for families until the job markets stabilize.

    And as far as the fight in Afghanistan, it wasn't entirely his opinion. He was advised by our military strategists and superior officers to transport more soldiers. They warned that if they didn't gain more soldiers within a certain amount of time, there's a possibility we'd lose the war.

    Obama's one of the few people trying to repair our devestated nation. That, at the minimum, deserves some recognition...

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    About the only thing Obama does have going for him is his charm.. and that is wearing thin as people, even some in his own party are beginning to realize he really is just an empty suit.

    The people got what they voted for.. a black president.. and that is all.. he does not have a clue about running this country and his muslim leanings are going to end up getting him in trouble.

    The one thing he does have down pat tho.. is spending our money... hope he has a nice party tonight.. when is he going to have one for the real people in this country.. What Oprah can't afford to make her own meal?

    Oh and by the way.. were there no white performers available to entertain . ?

    This is just more popularity contest for him and in these hard times I am shamed that he would spend the this money to have a big party like this.. people losing their homes, their jobs their lives.. and he is giving a great big expensive party.. how like the Democrats!

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    I consider he lied approximately matters he would have performed whatever approximately- like last Guantanamo. He did NOT pull the US out of the wars which as commander in leader, he would have performed. He handed the NDAA, an atrocious piece of laws that reduces the rights of an american citizen accused of being a terrorist (with out trial). This is unconstitutional. He bought worried within the Libya clash and has plans to clutter with Syria as good. I could had been ok with him had he closed Guantanamo and bought us out of the wars, whatever that was once in his preliminary platform. His rhetoric now could be socialist to a couple measure, however the republicans aid their possess types of socialism as good(corresponding to medicare). I consider the NDAA is far out of bounds however Bush has equivalent expansions of vigour. You will discover that each events have "variations" in what they are saying and consider, however become doing essentially the equal factor simply referred to as whatever special. I

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    Leftists mindlessly worship him because it's the PC thing to do. 0bama's actual policies don't much matter to a leftist drone. All that matters is that he's a black Democrat who constantly apologizes for America and bows to foreign leaders. That's the kind of stuff that leftists love.

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    He poses in front of a camera the way Lib's want him to.Other than that he does nothing right .

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    This is an opinion question and I say everything he is doing is right

    The Obama bashers are exploiting the fact it takes time for a economic recovery

    Give the man an equivalent amount of time that Bush had to destroy it

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    He eats right and takes Geritol every day...

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    More people have jobs now with his spending then if Obama did nothing, that is the bottom line. My friend with three kids got hired back at his "private" road construction company thanks to Obama`s stimulus plan. We can now also carry loaded guns in national parks but Confedercans did not give Obama any credit.

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    Ignoring FOX news and Republicans.

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    Obama is doing pretty much EVERYTHING right!

    Obama has done more (good) in 9 months than Georgie did in EIGHT YEARS!

    Here are SOME things Obama has done SO far (as of Sept 2009):

    Foreign Policy

    April 2 2009 – Obama helps form a compromise between Presidents of France (Sarkozy) and China (Jintao) over making tax havens more transparent. The two Presidents were in a “heated” argument previous to Obama’s intervention.

    Government Reform

    Jan. 27 2009 – Administration tells Citigroup bank it is “unacceptable” to pay for a $42 million dollar luxury jet when they have received $45 billion in bailouts from taxpayers (OK, Cons, I know: not important 8-)

    Feb. 19 2009 – Bans the exception of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars from accounting the deficit. This results in a 2.5 trillion dollar increase in calculated deficit to the United States.

    Feb. 23 2009 – Announces Earl Devaney to oversee the oversight of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Mr. Devaney worked as a Secret Service agent who exposed lobbyist corruption in the Department of the Interior.

    Mar. 9 2009 – Lifts ban on embryonic stem cell research. A major move in changing the politics of research and science in the United States (oh, sorry, I forgot: THAT one is a definitel "no-no" for Cons :-)

    May 22, 2009 – Creates a credit card bill of rights. Limits unwarranted spending and gives consumers more options to pay their bills on time. It has been debated if this will negatively affect the industry.

    May 22, 2009 – Tries to curb wasteful spending by the Pentagon on the defense budget by signing the Weapons System Acquisition Reform Act. Intended to price contracts and budgets lower; may potentially save billions of dollars in defense.

    June 22, 2009 – Allows the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to have authority over the tobacco industry (oh, sorry, THAT is unimportant to Cons :-)


    Jan. 23 2009 – Obama orders the close of Guantanamo Bay facility (oh, sorry, THAT is unimportant to Cons :-)

    Civil Rights

    Jan. 29 2009 – Obama signs the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Reducing discrimination based on gender, age, religion, or race (oh, sorry, THAT is unimportant to Cons :-)


    Feb. 21 2009 – Obama signs a mercury reduction pact with 140 other nations. The policy reverses roles with George Bush and sets mandatory requirements by the United States (oh, sorry, THAT is unimportant to Cons :-)

    Mar. 30 2009 – Obama signs the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of 2009, which serves to protect two million acres of land and creates a new system of land conservation for the Bureau of Land Management (oh, right, THAT is unimportant to Cons :-)

    May 19 2009 – Obama teams up with the auto industry to raise the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards to an average of 35.5 mpg by 2016. The program is reported to save up to 1.8 billion barrels of oil or 900 million tons of greenhouse gases (oh, sorry, that also is irrelevant to Cons :-)


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