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Who do you think is held accountable for the happenings of the Holocaust?

Who do you believe is most responsible to blame for The Holocaust killings?

Hitler? Nazi Soldiers? SS officers? Allied countries? or God?

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    To hold somebody accountable for the alleged crimes of the "Holocaust", you must first believe that "The Holocaust", the killing of 6 million Jews, and everything about it that is pumped into our heads daily by the Media, is true.

    You MUST believe it to be true without any doubt, never to be even brought up in conversation, outside of expressing sympathy & remorse for that which is to be held as the ABSOLUTE, UNDENIABLE HISTORY OF WW11 !!! You MUST believe that Jews are the most VICTIMIZED PEOPLE OF THE HUMAN RACE!!

    Then you can blame & demonize the entire German (non-Jewish) population &, pretty much, all Non-Jewish people of the world!! Then those with the money can buy their way out of being held accountable to those "Chosen Peoples." They must also declare giving all that they can, including their lives, to ensure the eternal Jewish prosperity & dominance over all life on the planet Earth!!!!!!

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    I strongly recommend you appraise your self of the discussions among the NSDAP and Palestine within the mid 30's, in which the Palestinians have been ready to go land to the German Jews in order that they would all be deported there. As Palestine used to be an English Administered discipline at the moment, an overhang from WW1, the UK positioned a organization quit to all the ones discussions. How desperately ironic that the very land which the Palestinians have been supplying in '35 used to be the identical land that during 1948 the just lately shaped UN compelled the UK to supply over and Israel used to be created. There is exceptional confusion approximately the "Final approach to the Jewish query" so much of what the general public believe they recognise and unwell proficient books trot out is honestly mistaken. The holocaust occurred undoubtedly however in the event you research the NSDAP and it is leaders movements, learn Mein Kampf, the holocaust handiest grew to be the last resolution on the grounds that the whole thing else had long past mistaken for the Nazi's. Plan one, mid 30's - Send the German Jews, which used to be handiest round 500,000 persons to Palestine - the UK stopped that. Plan 2 - 1939 till the lack of the warfare on Russian land - ship all European Jews and more than a few different agencies they did not wish to Siberia. But of direction, they did not attain that flooring to preserve. By the time Reinhard Heydrich used to be assassinated in mid 1942 so much main SS and Wehrmacht most sensible brass and officials within the discipline understood that Germany might lose the warfare and have been already watching for the high-quality method that Germany would come to an contract with the Russians and the relaxation of Europe. Although 'The Holocaust' as such went on till 1945, the fundamental occasion used to be in every single place by way of 1943, A horrible time in historical past, however within the bloodless mild of day, simply yet another horrible time in historical past. Read approximately the Crusades, and more than a few different acts pre-core a while. Heydrich used to be no longer the primary to believe of "Nacht und Nebel" and the Nazi's undoubtedly no longer the primary to believe of devout pogroms and mass annihilation of 'undesirables.

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    Largely I blame Hitler, but Martin Luther was initially who put a hatred of Jews into the minds of German people. Martin Luther was the founder of the Protestant church, you probably know that, and Nazi propaganda would use quotes of his, Hitler looked up to Martin Luther... many Protestants supported Hitler.

    You could say a number of things probably.

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    Why is this in psychology section? But if I were to answer this anyways - it's none of them. Most will say Hitler, but there was definitely more to Hitler than we know. There's no way he was a healthy man mentally by any means. I have no reason to believe he wasn't emotionally disturbed.

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    hitler!!! duh

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