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why is everyone so pissed off about Adam Lambert's Kiss at that award show?

i mean Britney and Madonna did the same thing back in like 04 and people thought it was hot, but now people find this to be an outrage, I'm just so sick of everyone with their intolerance and their double standards.

what s your opinion of this topic


now i know this prolly isn't a unique or interesting question, but this really bothers me and i guess i just need to rant.

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    Redcorn not pissed off, but am disgusted... Me no watch it though because me have come to expect this garbage at these award shows.. Felt the same way when Britney and Madonna did it... Also no care who it is, or what their persuasion is... it no necessary, and shouldn't be acceptable from anyone in me opinion unless show is billed as an 'adult' show.

    Me thinks people takey short-cut to get attention these days... their singing no good enough to set them apart from others, so they resort to this type of stuff...

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    1 decade ago

    It was the face snorkeling that got to most people....

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