Older parents vs. Younger parents?

Do you think that children of older parents (over the age of 40) are better adjusted, have closer ties with their parents, and are more socially skilled when they enter school. Than children who have younger parents? (under the age of 40)

This is for school I have to collect data using 3 different methods. Im kinda counting this as my survey. So please answerer yes or no and state your reason. Also I ask that the reason isn't really simple like "because my mom is 30 and Im fine" that answer is fine but can you spice it up a bit? thanks!

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    I believe that kids with parents over the age of 40 and parents under the age will make no difference. Its all heredity. For example if the kid is bad and his parents are under the age of 40 that doesn't mean that he would be well adjusted if his parents were older. It all depends on the personality of the kid,his own actions and how his parents are teaching him (right from wrong etc.)

    Kids whose parents are younger seem to be a tad bit more closer because their parents are able to get around faster than parents over the age of 40, therefore able to do more things with their children.

    Source(s): Observing childrens behavior.
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    Dear Miss Older parents can handle children better then younger parents the reason is the older parents have more patients then the younger people due today the young parents just loose there patients way to quickly and get pushed over the edge and loose the cool faster then the older parents do the older ones know how to handle children better OK when any thing happens the older parents are ready for all the little one tricks of the trade the young ones do not so sorry just a proving fact OK back when my mother married my father my mother was 16 years old and my dad was 26 i am the youngest at 35 the other too are way older the me one by 8 years the other by 6 years so I was the last my mom could not have any more at 24 if she could with the rates now she would if she could with the rate of men and women can have one up to 74 women 66 if in very good health there was a lady in London in the U.K that had one at 66 and one at 70 just goes to show what can happen OK my father came from a really big family of 12 back when he is the only one left in his family

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    NO. Your question does not consider the age of the children. Did the parents start having kids at ages 16-18, after High School? 22-26 after college? Or early 30's, after starting a career, and perhaps buying a house.

    Thus making the kids 22-24, 14-18, or 10-ish when the parents are 40. Is it possible that a 10 year-old of forty year old parents is better adjusted than than a 16 or 23 year old of 40 year-old parents.

    Are you talking about entering school at age 5? With parents aged 40???

    The age of BOTH the parent and the CHILD MUST be considered.

    We're 63 and 49. Parents of six children ! She was 23 and I was 37 when the first was born.

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    There are 40 year old horrible parents and there are 20 year old horrible parents.

    It really depends on the mental level of the person and weather they really are ready to take on kids, love kids and even WANT kids.

    I'm a 15 year old mother and yes, Im young, but I get so many compliments on how good of a parent I am for still going to school and raising a baby that is the happiest child on earth.

    And we foster kids whose parents are complete poo poos and are older.

    Also I think if you're younger, you have more time to spend with your kids before you die and more time with your grandkids.

    I'm not saying I'm going to have another child before I have a stable career, housing, etc.

    But what i'm trying to say is, there shouldn't be a battle between old parents and young parents. Theres 3 parents in the world

    Good parents

    Bad parents

    And the parents tnecessarilyessacarily do right by their kids all the time or don't set a proper example but still support and love their kids and take care of them. Just not as well as a good parent and is probably having a hard time trying to give up their party life/single life/etc.

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  • My uncle was a dad at 45 and his kids are 7 and 9. He has no energy for them , they are spoiled and all they seem to care about is if there learning enough. When they were babies they were only allowed to play with toys that were eduational. I think they will grow up to be pretty normal and smart but its still too early to tell. They live in a very big city and are very rich and go to private schools. One of they boys is very sociable and the other is not. One is closer with the mom and the other with the dad.

    My mom was a young mother (20 when she had her first) and loves being a younger grandmother (i had my first at 20) She loves that now that she is 45 she can relax and think about herself for once. My brother seems to care alot about making money and buying the best things. He is extreamly sociable, he is very close with m mom, talks to her very other day but not so much my dad.

    I am average in my early 20's, married, buying my 2nd house and trying for my 2nd baby. Have a normal job, used car. I am not very sociable, can't handle pressure very well and very close with my mom, talk everyday but not close with my dad. My mom puts alot more energy into us then my dad does, makes sure we have everything and loves to help. She is a way more relaxed mom and has made comments about how she is glad she had us young cause when she looks after my toddler she is constantly worried he gonna get hurt. She says when she was younger she never really thought about thoes kind of thing.

    I am not sure if I answered ur question but hope u got something from this.

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    No. My mother married at 16, had me at 18, and is now 36. I am very close to my mother, and talk to her daily. I had my own child at 20 and he is fine as well. YOunger parents have more energy. Younger parents are more flexible. My friends who have older parents, many of them didn't go to Disney land or to the park a whole lot. Their parents were too busy with jobs, or too tired. Not to say they weren't cared for, they were, but they saw less of their parents then people who have younger parents.

    EDIT: My mother was and still is an excellent mother.She raised three children to adulthood, and all of us are responsible, well adjusted, contributing citizens. SHe was also married. As am I.

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    No. My mom was 19 when I was born and we have a really strong bond... more like sisters than mother and daughter. I'm not sure that age of the parents have much to do with social skills. I think it has more to do with personality than age.

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    Not necessarily. Older parents are not as in touch with youthful society and therefor their children may relate more like adults and this may cause the child to be a sort of outcast and made fun of because they don't act the same. Also, older parents relate to their child differently. They may put more emphasis on learning and grades but ignore the social aspects which are also very important.

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    Kids who are born when their parents are over 40 probably don't get out as much. People of that age tend to be involved with work and home life and don't do alot of the socializing they used to do in their 20's and 30's.

    They also aren't as energtic as younger parents, so they probably don't play with their kids as much or do as many activities with their children as younger parents do.

    Just my opinion though..not fact.

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    I have young parents and I think its much better than my friend who has old parents, because my parents are more fun and know how to relate to kids, but her parents are more... i don't know, they just don't seem as approachable.

    Young parents are better in my experience.

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