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In family historical notes have written born in Nearzon, Germany. Can't find place. Any ideas?

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    This town COULD be a possibility: "Neresheim is a town in the Ostalbkreis district, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is situated 16 km northeast of Heidenheim, and 20 km southeast of Aalen. It's home of the famous monastery of Neresheim, which still hosts monks, was Reichsfrei until the German Mediatisation and was built by Balthasar Neumann.

    Neresheim is listed on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France, along with 95 other sites of battles won by the French army."

    If not, this page lists German towns beginning with N:



    Nuremberg / Nürnberg ranks # 14 in the list, with a population of 500,132 as of January 2006.

    Nuremberg and its closest suburbs make up an urban area of 1,020,000 (2001) habitants. One of its claims to fame is that it was the site of the war crimes trial of the Nazis after World War 2.

    (Note: if you'd edit your question and give the person in question's name and dates, someone here could look up the correct town for you. I have a world deluxe membership to ancestry.com, so I have access to their German affiliate site.)

    (To xxmusicxx--this has the 1913 history of Kozmafa--http://www.vasidigitkonyvtar.hu/vdkweb/vm_varmegye... it is all written in Hungarian)

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    The town/village's name may have been changed over the years.

    If you can, try contacting a local German heritage center nearby, or go to a local library and see if their databases can bring up old maps of Germany for you.

    Some tips as well:

    1. Make sure that you are also spelling the name right of the location.

    2. When researching, note the year/date/circa years of the note that you found; it will help you find what you are looking for easily when you are looking at the library/heritage center.

    3. Get information (oral) from your family about the stories that they heard of your ancestors. See if they know where in Germany (Eastern, Western, Southern, etc) that the town is approximated at.

    Source(s): Going through the same struggle.. trying to locate current day village in Hungary, that went by the name, Kozmafa.
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    I agree it might be a misspelling. "Zon" is not a common Germanic place-name ending. Most family histories start with oral history, then get written down. By then, much mischief occurs.

    Check this list for anything that might have been mangled along the way.


    [xxmusixxx -- allow email. The place is:

    original name: Kozmafa

    geographical location: Vas, Hungary, Europe

    geographical coordinates: 47° 2' 0" North, 16° 53' 0" East

    Source: http://www.maplandia.com/hungary/vas/kozmafa/

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    Well, I can't find a place which is spelled like that. But there are two villages which are spoken like that.

    Perhaps you will succeed if you look for the name of your ancestor(s) there.

    Neersen / 31812 Bad Pyrmont

    Neersen (former Niersen) / 47877 Willich

    Hope it will help. Good luck!

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