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What would be a good first tattoo?

im planning on getting a tattoo..but im 17 and my parents have nooo idea..i just want something small that i can cover. i think im going to get it like, on my hip or something, i dont want like i star sign or anything that everyone gets..and im going to add to it later..So any ideas of what i should get?

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    A swirl? Your initials? Maybe the logo on your car, or something you saw on TV recently. Idk...

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    I'm 17, and just got a tattoo a few weeks ago at a shop.

    I got an ankh (egyptian cross) behind my ear. It's small, and when my hairs down you can't even see it.

    Please think twice about getting a tattoo unprofessionally done. It will look horrible, and could possibly get infected. No matter how good you think your friend is, they might have a heavy hand and you will end up with more scar tissue than tattoo.

    If anything, get something that means something to you and will always mean something to you. The ankh is a good luck charm in my mom's side of the family and symbolizes my fascination of religion. That's something I can always cherish, and the thought that it will be on me forever is very humbling for me.

    Just think very hard about it.

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    Don't get a tattoo when you already have it in your mind that you'll need to cover it up or add to it. That is complete idiocy. Wait until you know what's important to you in life, and if you want a tattoo that expresses it, go for it! But don't get a tattoo just so you can tell people that you've gotten one.

    Not to mention because you're underage, the only shops that will tattoo you are shops that are not reputable. A decent tattoo artist would never waste their reputation to give some silly underage girl a tattoo. At that point you'll have wasted your money on a sub-par tattoo.

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    ok. Honestly DONT get a koi carp or anything tribal.

    Alot of people i know laugh at people with those

    For my 1st tattoo I got "Little Lamb" which is my nickname on my upper thigh just below my hip. My 2nd one is on the other side and says "Sleepy Head" and my 3rd is on the back of each thigh and says "God Bless"

    A Thigh tattoo is the only place you're going to hide it for a long time.

    Get something that means something to you. But remember make sure you defs want it cuz ive changed my mind so many times and am happy i didnt get anything i wanted before hand

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    Giraffe add noahs ark later on.

    Dragonflies, Roses, butterflies are popular duos.

    Roller Coaster rides or those horses on a merry go round.

    Shot gun! Add smoke later on.

    Cat paw prints.

    Lotus flower. Add color to it later.

    UPC code.

    Third Eyeball.

    Elf. Reindeer. SnowMan.

    Wicked Tree. or tree with face.

    Knights sword.



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    Get something tribal. Or you can get your name, ss#, blood type, and religous preference like on a set of dog tags so they can identify you when your parents kill you. And when they do find out you can tell them its so you can be identified incase something ever happens to you.

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    i just turned 20

    and i find tatoos on girls veryyyyy unattractive UNLESS its something realllly small like a small zodiac sign

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    fairy but super awesome and artistic. Or a koi. That would be sweeeeeet.

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    a rose, nauticall star, moon, any flowers are sexy, butterfy, a set of cat eyes??? hope this helps

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