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Will this roof pass FHA appraisal?

Here are pictures of our roof from the inspection (not appraisal). We don't know if we should pay for an appraisal if it's not going to pass. Would this roof pass? The seller is only willing to pay $500 in FHA required repairs. The descriptions are what the inspector put in his report.


I know that it needs a new roof, but will the roof pass FHA???

Update 2:

Tom, what is a roof repair allowance?

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    no this roof needs a complete tear off and replacement. sorry sealed right roofing co.

    Source(s): owner of sealed right 25 years on job.
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    An appraisal assesses the value of the home; I assume you were asking if you should pay for an inspection, in which case the answer is no, I would not. That roof needs to be completely replaced. I recently dealt with my insurance company inspectors and had my roof replaced with much less damage than the one in your pictures. You could pay for an inspection, but it would fail and the inspector would tell you the same thing. $500.00 for repairs? Good luck.

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    with all that needs to be done FHA will require it to be fixed or a roof repair allowance will be required . there is to much needed . a new roof can be quite expensive . $500. does nothing . but if that satisfies FHA then you may be able to take care of it your self . Try being creative and see if there is somewhere else in the deal you can get him to pay . like the closing .

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