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what was the main reason the weimar republic collapsed in 1933?

please can i have the sorces too and i need tihs asap

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    See Henry Ashby Turner, German Big Business and the Rise of Adolf Hitler.

    In a nutshell: There was a fatal flaw in the Weimar constitution which allowed transfer of legislative power to the executive in the form of emergency decree. When Hitler got in, he used incidents like the Reichstag Fire to declare emergencies, then rule by decree. Systematically, he "decreed" an end to his opposition and either locked it up or had it shot.

    There is a little more to it than that, obviously, so I suggest you read Turner's summation. Beyond that, you should know that this almost happened here, under Roosevelt, via the National Industrial Recovery Act. The Supreme Court declared NIRA unconstitutional in two cases in 1935: Panama Refining Co. v. Ryan (the "hot oil" case) and A.L.A. Schechter Poultry Co. v. United States (the "sick chicken" case). This temporarily blocked Roosevelt from implementing formal fascism in the United States. Roosevelt was able to bring fascism back temporarily during WWII via the War Production Authority, and the Supreme Court very much wanted to declare this unconstitutional as well. But, the war (and the problems of governing by judicial decree) intimidated the justices, and they let the legislation stand (Yakus v. United States). After Roosevelt died, Truman came in and dismantled the WPA. Until perhaps Obamacare, that is the closest we ever came to formal fascism in the United States.

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    The Great Depression caused by the Wall Street Crash of 1929 which was exploited by Hitler and his street fighting thugs to destabilise the government and German society.

    In desperation Hindenberg asked him to become Chancellor in January 1933 because Hitler said that he was the only one who could restore order.

    The rest is history

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