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Jeremy asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 1 decade ago

Legs cramp while walking or jogging. What's the best way to ease the pain?

I've only been going to the gym for about a week now, and so I'm sure that the pain will lessen as I get more in shape. I'm in pretty poor shape now, so I'm certainly working on it. I'm 6'2" and about 250.

I typically try to walk / jog in intervals for about 30 minutes first thing in the mornings. When walking, I get pain in the back and sides of my calves. Jogging seems to work a slightly different muscle group, but also bothers that same area. When I slow my pace, it eases a little, but is certainly still there. I'm not very good about stretching beforehand either, I know I need to start doing that.

I guess my main question is, I feel like it will get easier over time, but what's the best way to prevent the pain NOW so that it's easy for me to continue walking and jogging like I want to in the mornings?

Also, I've been trying to go every day, as I'm only there for about 30 minutes each day. Is that too much starting out?



I'm diabetic (T2) so I avoid eating bananas as they contain a lot of sugar. Are there other good foods that are rich in potassium that don't contain a lot of sugars? Thx.

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    Just some tips to try:

    Definitely stretch. that can help a great deal.

    Make sure you are hydrated before and during a workout. This can help cramping as well.

    Try eating bananas, I've heard potassium can help prevent muscle cramps.

    Working out every day is fine. One thing to be careful of is to not work out sore muscles. If you have a muscle group that is sore from yesterdays workout, work on a different part of your body. Muscles need a little time to heal and repair, that's how they get stronger.

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    Cramps come about due to accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. When you are a beginner this happens a lot. As you keep working running and jogging the muscles get conditioned to the work and production of lactic acid reduces gradually so also do muscle cramps. The one surefire way of beating cramps is to keep yourself hydrated all the time while running or jogging. So drink a lot of water. Do not consume juice or anything with sugar in them as they will only provide fuel for cramping..

    Hope this helps..

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    I'm no doctor but I occasionally get cramp in my foot and to make it go I just stretch out the muscles and the pain goes almost instantly. Maybe this might work if you stretch out your leg when it starts to come on. Also make sure that you have warmed up properly before the exercise.

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    Drink plenty of water, stretch thoroughly before and after exercise. Make sure you cool down before resting.

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