感謝你對本公司的支持,我們將研發更多的新產品推薦給你 ,你享有優先銷售權,希望有助於你的銷售.


急須上2項中翻英 ,請貿易高手幫忙!!!謝絕用網路翻譯,


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Dear Sir,

    As you know, economics is sluggish now, and the cost of raw material

    is increased a lot, so, there is almost no profits for us. We regret to inform

    you no more space for discount for you. Sincerely hope you can understand

    our situation.

    No matter how, we appreciate for your fully supports. We will recommend

    you more about our new products. You will be the first one who have

    exclusive selling right. Hope this will be helpful for your marketing.

    As for manual, please print it as previous.

    We look forward to an even closer association in the future.

    Best Regards,


    Source(s): 敝人淺見~~
  • 1 decade ago

    1.Doldrums now, profit very weak, and raw material price rise, there is no discount space, you would understand!!

    Thank you for your support of our company, we're going to research and develop new products for you, you enjoy priority distribution rights, I hope that helps your sales.

    2.According to the explanatory statement before.

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