Writing an essay on lobbying?

So the prompt is to write a one-page essay explaining how lawmakers solicit the views of those who are not represented by powerful lobbying groups and whether lobbying has any ethical dilemmas associated with it.

I understand the second part of the prompt but am completely lost on the first part?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ahhhh lobbying!!! They bane of politics. Lobbying, in it's fundementals, is nothing more then the petition of a like-group of people solicting the government for a policy or law change. Now, having said that, the modern equivalent of lobbying equates to the head of organizations offering favors to elected officals. These favors may include an X-number of votes, campaign money, or other, more questionable ethical type favors such as a personal check. A lobbyist typically represents a group of people who subscribe to that groups core values. Basically, any organization outside of an individual petition, is a lobbyist to some varying degree. For liberals, organizations like Acorn, SEIU, SPLC, etc.. are lobbyists in favor of liberal causes. They petition the government for change based on their values. Likewise, conservatives have groups too, like the NRA. Typically, conservatives have fewer organizations, but each one is more powerful in terms of membership, so they represent a lager portion of the public or their constituency. The point of lobbying, from an individual standpoint, is for the individual (you and me) to fund (charitable or otherwise) an organiztion to push for change in the governement on our behalf.

    Regarding your essay, those not represented by lobbying groups, owe it to themselves to band together to create such a group so that their concerns are heard. Kind of like what conservatives like myself are going through. We woke up one morning and found that our voice was completely overrun by the far left. Hence, we have begun the 9/12 project and other organizations to combat the progressive (communist) take over of America. This was our first year and the first time in U.S. history that conservatives marched on D.C.. I'll admit, we still have a lot of work in head of us, especially, since progressives have had the past 100 years to prefect their organizations. The only advice I can give is that those who are not represented need to get represented....quickly. This may invovle creating new organizations or joining pre-existing ones. Either way, the individual no longer has a voice. There are to many people in this country for state reps and senators to sit and listen to each and every single persons' concerns.

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