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MCAS New River Base Question?

I have asked questions about this area before and didnt get too many answers...maybe this time i'll get lucky. Why cant I find any decent houses off base in Jacksonville Nc? Our bah for pensacola is 1080 dollars, and for jacksonville its only 900 something. We pay 669 for a nice 2 bd 1 br apartment here in pcola. When I look at Jacksonville, its way more expensive. I have tried all the apartments sites, rent.com, apartment finder/guide. Does any one have any good sites, know of any good apts for less than 750 a month. The on base housing wait list is 8 months and we got our orders last week, so we dont have time to wait on anything opening up. Thanks in advance. And does anyone know why bah is cheaper in jville? Its a more expensive cost of living than pcola.

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    Jacksonville is a nightmare. Overpriced, overcrowded, noisy, traffic is a nightmare, etc. I don't go there unless forced to. You'd be better served looking in the Verona, Sneads Ferry, Richlands, or Holly Ridge areas...in that order. Plenty of places to rent in those areas...and if you split the rent with friends, you can live in a pretty damn nice place.

    Don't move into a place sight-unseen. Take your 10 days of house hunting PTAD, link up with someone you new FRO recommends, and scout it out in person. You'll be living her for a few years - do the smart thing and run a recon first!

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