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Who is "dr. J" the "mass-murderer of Steinhof" Viktor Frankl speaks about in his book "Man's search for meanin?

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He was a nazi doctor.
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  • Lidi answered 5 years ago
His name is ERWIN JEKELIUS, a nazi doctor who murdered handdicapped patients at Am
Steinhof hospital in Vienna. Dr. Erwin Jekelius, one of the main perpetrators in the euthanasia killings in Vienna, died in a Soviet prison in 1952

Here you can find his photo at:
- http://www.gedenkstaettesteinhof.at/en/I...
- http://www.gedenkstaettesteinhof.at/en/I...

Here is what dr. Viktor Frankl writes about dr. Jekelius in his book "Man's search for meaning" (pages 154-155):

<<Let me cite the case of Dr. J. He was the only man I
ever encountered in my whole life whom I would dare
to call a Mephistophelean being, a satanic figure. At
that time he was generally called "the mass murderer
of Steinhof" (the large mental hospital in Vienna).
When the Nazis started their euthanasia program, he
held all the strings in his hands and was so fanatic in
the job assigned to him that he tried not to let one
single psychotic individual escape the gas chamber.
After the war, when I came back to Vienna, I asked
what had happened to Dr. J. "He had been imprisoned
by the Russians in one of the isolation cells of
Steinhof," they told me. "The next day, however, the
door of his cell stood open and Dr. J. was never seen
again." Later I was convinced that, like others, he had
with the help of his comrades made his way to South
America. More recently, however, I was consulted by
a former Austrian diplomat who had been imprisoned
behind the Iron Curtain for many years, first in Siberia
and then in the famous Lubianka prison in Moscow.
While I was examining him neurologically, he suddenly
asked me whether I happened to know Dr. J.
After my affirmative reply he continued: "I made his
acquaintance in Lubianka. There he died, at about the
age of forty, from cancer of the urinary bladder.
Before he died, however, he showed himself to be the
best comrade you can imagine! He gave consolation to
everybody. He lived up to the highest conceivable
moral standard. He was the best friend I ever met
during my long years in prison!"
This is the story of Dr. J., "the mass murderer of
Steinhof." How can we dare to predict the behavior of
man? We may predict the movements of a machine, of
an automaton; more than this, we may even try to
predict the mechanisms or "dynamisms" of the human
psyche as well. But man is more than psyche.>>

For more information please visit http://www.gedenkstaettesteinhof.at/


In documenting my answer I received an official answer from the headquarters of STEINHOF MEMORIAL, Austria - http://www.gedenkstaettesteinhof.at/en/i...
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  • Daniel C answered 5 years ago
    While I'm aware of the euthanasia program that went on in Vienna (Steinhof is outside Vienna) I can find no "Dr. J" mentioned. That program was run by Dr. Karl Brandt starting in 1939 and he was later joined by Dr. Hans Bertha (1944). There was also a Dr. Gross who worked in the area doing the same thing.

    Oddly enough I did find that the full name of the hospital where this was done was Wagner von Jauregg Mental Hospital "Am Steinhof." It's a little odd that the only place where I can find this alleged survivor's words is in that one book you mention.


    my mother is a survivor; I'm an amateur expert on the Holocaust.
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  • Who is "dr. J" the "mass-murderer of Steinhof" Viktor Frankl speaks about in his book "Man's search for meanin?
    He was a nazi doctor.
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