97 chevy cavalier Z24 HOC 2.4 wont stay on in idle?

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Okay heres the problem. the car wont start when i try cranking it. Unless i put my foot on the gas at the same time as im trying to starting it. Once i let off the gas the car turns ...show more
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was the tps sensor set with an ohm meter or was it one of the ones that didn't need to be,because a bad tps that isn't set right will cause this because it helps to govern the amount of gas that the engine receives,another thing that will cause this also is a bad oil pressure switch on that car ,you might want to check that also,good luck.


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idk im not sure i had just bought it cause the guy at the store said he had the same problem happening to him so i took his word and bought it. but i same thing car didnt work. i was told you need to reset the car computer so it can pick up the new tps sensor. i didnt get it. What should i do now.
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  • Nando answered 4 years ago
    try the mass air flow sensor it is located near the air filter box
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  • don r answered 4 years ago
    Check the vacuum lines and check the air inlet downstream of the air filter- make sure there are no cracks in it. You can put a light in it as night and see it shine through any cracks.
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